Shopping Adventures & Finally - New Make Up Storage!

Helloooooo everyone! (again, TLC to the 9 followers.. <3)

Today was like major, major, MAJOR shopping day with my "so-not-a-friend", Lisa (it's an inside joke.. we said it once on a bus and a guy gave us the most disgusted look.. lol good times) after an hour of seminar and a little visit to the Postgraduate Open Day.

I went with the intention of buying 2 things: Benefit's Her Name Was Glowla and Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick. I got neither. The first one is quite pricey, at £28.50, and while I was willing to pay that when I was looking at it online, my initial reaction when I saw it was like, "Hm. Cool.", not "EEEEEEEE!!!!" and we thought that was an indication.

I think I love the fact that I can try so many Benefit products which I wouldn't pay to try if it weren't in a kit/mini-sized.. but I don't use highlighters very much, the eyeshadow colours are dupable, and the blush was kinda chalky. So.. maybe I should just consider the Sha-La Lovely kit or the Confessions of a Concealaholic because those two looked GORGE! But then I feel like I missed out on their blush which seems to be their popular product.. Any opinions guys? I did consider getting Boots' mini Butterfly chest of drawers with face/lips/eyes drawers.. so adorable. £14, if they're good quality, bargain! They also had eyeshadow kits, and lip kits, and all inclusive kits.. so pretty. Okay there we go, I'm getting them instead! 3 for 2, here we go.

Anyway, while I would LOOOOVE to show you my actual (not mental/wishful) loot, most of it will give away items on an on-going swap with my fellow Youtube/Blogger Mandy, so that isn't going to happen for a while.. sorry guys! When I give make-up gifts, I like to give things that I've already tried or Lisa has tried (lol), and obviously.. I wanted some more for myself! :P

But I did get a new make up storage (as you can probably guess from the title really.. lol.)

It's just a drawer set that I got for 50% at WHSmith for £9.99 - how cute is it? I was totally torn between this one and a baby pink/baby blue set with cupcakes on them! (Lisa likes cupcakes.. it was hard to resist her cupcake-waves). One piece of advice.. if you do decide to get something like this on a shopping trip.. get it at the end to save your hands, because WHSmith don't like giving you bags that you can hold properly by the handles! (Fairy lights have not been fixed..)

In addition to that, I bought a new pair of jeans after elegantly ripping my old pair. Got a light blue one from H&M for a whopping £30.. a bit expensive, but I loved the fit of my last one, and the colour of this one. I think the last ones were exactly the same, but like.. £20, because of the normal dark blue colour. Lame! So yes, my total spending of the day totalled way.. way.. over £70. Sad.. this has been upsetting me tonight, even if everything was actually a relatively necessary buy!

I got a lipgloss in H&M, and we also were invited to BodyShop's V.I.P event (which wasn't a V.I.P event AT ALL.. they ended up not taking the 20% off of my bill because I didn't show my membership card. And uh, the email said the event was just for members. They DID give me £5 off my next purchase though.. which actually turned out to be a better deal.. But still made me spend more today!), and I got like 2 things there: White Musk gift set for Christmas for my cousin, and a mango soap for meeeee <3:

 The lipgloss was £0.99 - bargain! Haven't tried it though but the shade name is adorable: "Aruba". Been there, done that, loved it. It smells REALLY sweet though, so we'll have to see if I can handle it. Mango smells adorable, and considering my cousin spent the summer smelling White Musk everytime we went there, I'm guessing she'll like it!

I concluded the night by meeting my boyfriend at the bus stop after his return from London. Then we ordered in take-away and pigged out to watch Hot Fuzz :)



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