Snow! & November Favourites :)

Hi everyone - hope all your Black Friday shopping has been brilliant (who else ordered from Sigma? :)) and that if you are from the States, that you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Anyway, I woke up this morning to a surprise! Pretty!

But on to this morning's post.. :) (because I have a sneaky feeling I'll make another one today.. lol)

It's the end of the month and Idk about blog-side, but on YouTube, it's when my subscriptions get flooded with monthly favourites. So naturally, I made a video which will be attached at the end of the post. Here is the general overview:
My November Favourites were..
- Nails Inc., in Jermyn Street - beautiful dirty plum, great for winter, dries fast which is always a plus!
- Bourjois Effet 3D Cosmic Lipgloss in No. 29 - makes your lips look a bit lighter due to infinite small sparkles - yum :)
- BodyShop Love Gloss in No. 17 - passion fruit smell, yellow cancels out some redness in your lips, making them a bit lighter and a bit pinker but natural :)
- Lipgloss by H&M in Coco Kiss in Aruba - nice candy smell, pink brown sparkles that has a similar effect to the Bourjois lipgloss, except with a pinky/browny tone. Gorge.
- Barry M Dazzle Dust in Tan No. 39  - a pinky, browny, tanny, sparkly (lol) all over lid colour - gooorgeous.
- Sleek Storm Palette, top left colour - beige-y gold - great all over lid colour :)
- ELF Elements Palette - handy for storing MAC e/s for cheaper & great for travel, especially when mixed in with MAC e/s and ELF elements for eyes, face, lips, etc., Massive mirror and a slot for your applicators! (and an easy way to drool over pretty colours all in one place)
- Sleek Blush in Flushed No. 935 - WHA-BAM red. But when applied lightly, very natural blush for me :) LOVE!

As I say in the video, monthly favourites have been difficult for me because my new storage allows me to see everything I have and therefore I've been using lots and lots - there isn't a few products that I've used ALL the time. So.. needless to say, they're not the typical 'favourites' that you see out there, in terms of why they are chosen, but they are still re-discovered or lovely products :)

So, what are some of your November favourites? :)



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