The "When I Grow Up.." Wishlist

This week's Stylist was amazing. The main feature was about how because of societal changes, more and more, our generation is starting to feel like we're growing older faster than we're growing up. A lot of people, myself included, often feel both too young and too old for what they're doing - too young to be sitting at the grown-up table at family dinners, and too old to not have gotten married yet.

It might sound depressing, but actually for me, it was uplifting to know that I wasn't the only one. I'm 23 and my career is yet to start - the thought of still studying makes me feel old, old old. But the thought of working in law in the next few months *crossed fingers* makes me stop and go: "ME?!" But in the end we throw ourselves into the unknown, and come out the other end wiser.. or I'd like to think so.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say in a wayyy long-winded and over-philosophised way, is that depending on where you are in life, certain things seem out of reach. And to bring it back to the more beauty-related side of things, there are some brands that you feel a bit giddy about trying. Why? Because they're expensive, luxurious and you're just not sure if you're ready to handle it (or whether you can afford to) - but hey, wishlists are for daydreaming, am I right? *pushes aside study materials.. for now*. Here is my wishlist for when I eventually grow up..

Even saying the name makes me giddy - oh no, it's not "CHANT EY KALE". You probably don't even have to ask what it is I want to try from this highly praised brand - Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser. Duh. The promise of glow, skincare benefits and a moderately high coverage for a tinted moisturiser makes it sound like a perfect pick for a combination-skinned gal like myself. For now, the Bobbi Brown Original Tinted Moisturiser is filling the gap.. but one day..

Yes, I have been a victim of the amazing sales assistants at the Hourglass stand at Liberty. They are always just so nice and they tell you so much about the amazing technology behind their foundations and their primers. But what am I eyeing up? The Ambient Lighting Powder, of course! Perhaps not as pricey as other candidates at £38 a pop but it's enough to make a student wince.

Creme de la Mer
When I hear someone mention "THE miracle cream", I think of Crème de la Mer. Sure, it's not the most popular in the blogosphere, but in the "real world", it's massive and I want to have a go at what I always call "the £100 cream" (which, since blogging, I've discovered really isn't that rare, lol). You can check out Crème de la Mer at Harrods.

Tom Ford
Last year, I bought like.. 2 blushes. This year, I am all over them. The one that I genuinely cannot see myself shelling out for in the next 365 days, is the Tom Ford Cheek Colour. Ohhhh hath thou been raved about.  Its pigmentation, packaging and gorgeous soft finish. Love Lust, one day you will be mine (along with other things, like a mortgage, tax returns and a husband.. and a LV Speedy 30, we can't forget about him).

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  1. I know what you mean.. on a students budget the thought of spending so much money on one product is shudder worthy, but Hourglass will be mine before this year ends!

    1. Hahaha yes I like your determination! Which one are you going for>

  2. I think I'm in the grown up category at 31 but the mortgage means I can't buy all the pretty things I want. For my birthday, I might treat myself to a Tom Ford lipstick!

    1. I can imagine! The next thing to look forward to, haha. Ooo.. those are so luxurious, love it!


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