Post-chop, Post-ombre Hair Stylin'

When it comes to hair, I'm a minimalist. All the daily make-up that go miles beyond mascara and lipstick, and the multi-staged saga that is my skincare routine flies out the window when it comes to hair. In fact, the thing I miss the most about having long hair is the big ass bun I can just knot up in 2 seconds.

The hairstyling shift was needed for 2 reasons. I've noticed since the chop that with my stick-straight and annoyingly ruly hair, a shoulder-length long-bob can look slightly LEGO-head. So texture has been the name of the game. Also, I did a mini ombre experiment with L'Oreal Preference Intense Ombre in 104 (can't seem to find it on Boots online, but it's this one) which means I also need to make sure I keep up the ends.

My hair oil of choice for preventing those icky ends is the EverRiche Absolute Oil Precieux which I've actively chosen over the famous Moroccan Oil. It's so much lighter on your hair and absorbs better in my opinion. The spray applicator means you're not getting it all over your hands either, and it's less than half the price.

This product has been the life and soul of my hair over the past two months, and it's the Wave Creating Spray from their new #TXT line. Although I wasn't a massive fan of it when my hair was long, using this with shorter hair gives you the fake messy-ness, control and texture of 2nd day hair. It's great for people like me who have thick hair that defies all things volumising and uplifting.

At this point my hair routine is looking insanely L'Oreal-centric (in fact, my shampoo and conditioner at the moment is their EverRiche line), but they're the best in the hair market for the price - in my opinion.

Easy? Tick. Affordable? Tick. Lookin' good? Well, I'd like to think so.


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