Review Series: Night Creams #1

Bringing you the second of the Review Series (i.e. mini reviews in a certain category) - night creams!

Dermalogica ClearStart Overnight Treatment
This sits on my bedside table reserved for a very special occasion - break out time. Usually I get under-the-skin spots from dehydration, but this is for the proper, tiny, red and reactive little unspeakables that is most commonly from stress and congregate around my lower cheeks and jawline. It's super light and hydrating, but does enough to sooth the spots and heal them over time.

YON-KA Hydra No1 Creme
The Hydra No1 Creme is one of my all-rounders - it's a smooth, medium-to-thick cream that hydrates and moisturises at the same time. If your skin is irritated from the dryness, it'll sooth that but also make sure that my dehydration is tackled! A recommendation for most skin types.

REN Vita Minerale Emollient Rescue Cream
This Emollient Rescue Cream is thick - like, to the point it's hard to smooth, but that's why it's so unique. I warm this up between my fingers and pat it on. And boy, does it work. It's heavy-duty moisturising in a tube, so I love it for both smoothing out the dryness on the surface of my skin, and sealing in hydrating serums. I'd recommend it for people who have dryness on the surface of their skin, and aren't too fussed about hydration/want to avoid rich creaminess!

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Shea Butter
One of my all time favourites - this is a creamy, but almost solid, balm. It's slightly richer so better for people who want to focus on moisturising the top layers of their skin. I usually recommend this to people who get dry, irritated skin and want something soft and nourishing. The shea butter is so effective and gentle, that nothing ever stings  - just softens :)

ARgENTUM la poition infinie
A few months ago, if you said I would try and justify a £147 cream, I would've snorted and laughed. Yet, here I am. This cream is a miracle cream. It does EVERYTHING. It claims to be a serum, moisturiser and eye cream in one, and it actually works - it hydrates my skin like my favourite hydrating serums and gets rid of my spots. It smooths the surface of my skin and locks in the hydration. It moisturises my undereye without worsening my milia. The even more super impressive thing though? You can feel it tightening up your skin, and in the morning you're glowing, smooth and peachy. Not even joking. Which means it's my go-to for when I just want to get to sleep. Considering some serums, moisturisers and eye creams can easily cost up to £50, the price is actually not as insane as it initially seems if you've got the money to pay it all at once.

Dermalogica, Yon-Ka, REN, L'Occitane & ARgENTUM



  1. I really want to try the REN cream, it sounds like just what my skin needs


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