Rebranded! Lily Lolo

Do you remember that in my glowing review of Lily Lolo's Metallics Collection Smoky Rose Eyeshadow Quad, I mentioned that the packaging was nice? It's true, it was nice. Then they went and did this. The packaging is now officially, phenomenal.

Lily Lolo has rebranded into this simple, classy, slightly Mary Quant-ish monochromatic brand and it's fantastic. The pattern on the inside of the box is stylish, and the frosted pot.. oh the frosted pot! It's just so luxurious and gorgeous. How cute is the four leaf clover? Everything looks much more expensive and beautiful - it's simply the perfect rebrand.

The two products you see above are the Mineral Blush in Ooh La La and the Mineral Eyeshadow in Miami Taupe, both of which I have been loving immensely since receiving them. The blush is a gorgeous shade of warm rose that would look beautiful on any skintone. It's a true blushing shade that's warm enough to really brighten your complexion, but not so orange/peach that it looks unnatural. The lasting powder has been quite impressive and I find it lasts well into the afternoon after applying it in the morning.

The eyeshadow, on the other hand, I wish was slightly more long lasting and I still rate the Eyeshadow Quad above it. However, as I always say - eyeshadows hardly ever last on me anyway, so it should be fine for most people. The thing I do love about Miami Taupe is the colour. It's this gorgeous medium taupe with a satin finish and a slight shimmer, and it's the perfect shade for something in between nude and smokey. Even just a wash of this all over your eyelid will create a dimension that looks like you've got about two shades of eyeshadow on. Perfect for the early morning quick-fix.

Overall I am so excited for Lily Lolo. Their relaunch is just sheer genius and the shallow Yu is now eager to find out more about their products. Hey - that's the purpose of rebrands, right? What's even more is that they've kept their good ingredients, amazing colour range, gorgeous packaging and solid performing formulas at their affordable price range. The blush comes in at a mere £7.99 and the eyeshadow at £5.99.

What are your thoughts on the new branding?
You can check out their website and their "new look" here on their website.



  1. I love the new look! I'm coming to the end of my mineral foundation (old style), so I'm really looking forward to getting another of these new ones! I may have a little look around at their other products too.
    Thanks for sharing, that blush is gorgeous!

    1. I remember you saying you like their foundation! I still need to try it :)

  2. I've never heard of Lily Lolo before, but i must admit that i am really liking this packaging here :) I have a thing for frosted containers because it just makes it look more elegant and sophisticated in general. I have been into the whole mineral make-up these day as i find that they are always better for the skin and these colours look so pretty!

    Thank you for sharing, i hope you have a lovely day! <3

    Ying ♥ || *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

    1. That's so true, frosted containers are gorgeous! :)

  3. Wow, that blush looks stunning! The perfect colour x


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