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You may have sensed some buzzing around Illamasqua and their social media as they prepared for the launch today - yes, it's today! Glamore, a collection revealing two new formulas of nail polishes and lipsticks from the brand will be launching.. well, today.

I think Jayne put it perfectly when she said it's a collection that appeals to both the long-time die hard Illamasqua fans, as well as the newbie patooties who aren't quite yet ready to embrace dark purple lipstick *sheepishly raises hand*..

Here are my thoughts on the collection.

The Nails
Fire Rose, Marquise, Trilliant

Fire Rose, Marquise, Trilliant

Fire Rose, Marquise, Trilliant

Fire Rose, Marquise, Trilliant

I quite like textured nails - do you? I wore Trilliant for a good few days and loved how it goes with everything. It lasted quite long as well, before it started fading at the tips. Fire Rose and Marquise are slightly out my comfort zone in terms of shade, but there's no questioning the formula of these new nailpolishes. They dry super quickly, and the texture is gorgeous if you love that kind of thing. Fire Rose is a wee bit grittier than the others, as it seems to have quite large glitter bits - Marquise is definitely the smoothest of the lot, and has a bit of a glossy finish. Trilliant is somewhere in between! The pigment is also insane - that's two coats up there! There are so many glitter-based polishes that look opaque in the bottle but require about 4 coats to get there. These are nothing like that. Classic Illamasqua.

The Lips
Soaked, Glissade, Luster

Soaked, Glissade, Luster

If there was a brand that could tear me away from my nudes, it was going to be Illamasqua. I've never tried their existing lipsticks, which are renowned for their brave shade choices and matte finishes, and it's probably because neither have ever been particularly up my alley. But these new lipsticks are.

Yes, they are still bright but oh does Illamasqua do bright well. Usually, I try reds and bright pinks and it washes my complexion out completely - and I've never known why. Somehow, these shades don't do that and I can whack them on whenever I please without worrying. My favourite of the lot? Glissade. It's a gorgeous cherry red/pink that I've previously sought for through the aisles of Boots with no success. Much appreciated, Illamasqua.

Matte? Nah. These babies are creeeeeeamy. Well, at least Soaked and Glissade are - I find Luster ever so slightly drying but no where near matte. I find these much more accessible than matte finishes, and if they come out with more shades, I will be on it. These give a nice cream finish and are extremely comfortable to wear. It might be because they're bright but they're also super long lasting. You might feel like they've worn off, but there's always some pigment left on your lips in case of a missed touch up.




And here's us, demonstrating how gorgeous the lipsticks look even if you wish to pull funny faces.. very informative, I'm sure.
Gem's blog (wearing Luster); Jayne's blog (wearing Soaked)

You can find the full collection on their website here.

Anything on your wishlist ladies?



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