Review: Leor Shampoo & Conditioner

As you may know, I'm a fan of stripping back chemicals. When it comes to skincare, haircare and bodycare, I do my best to avoid parabens, sulfates and PEGs. The brand new brand Leor, fits this bill completely.

The thing about avoiding these chemicals, is that often, a brand may not include one but use the other, or they may test on animals, or the rest of the ingredients aren't necessarily natural, they're just not carcinogenic. However, it seems that Leor has jumped all these hurdles to bring a very truly natural, and stripped back product.

Firstly, the presentation of this brand is fantastic. Your product will come in a black jiffy bag which I find a nice, classy touch to everything! The packaging is fantastic - aluminum bottle with a stylish black pump, and a very simple and elegant label that doesn't peel and wither off in the shower. The pump also screws off so you can use the last drops of the product!

The bad news first..
There is no lying when I say that you need more product than most shampoos/conditioners (it's extremely expensive per usage for me personally at £9 per bottle and about 6-8 washes), it smells very strongly of hemp, and your hair isn't smooth and easy to work with when wet.

Now for the good news..
But the results are just fantastic. Unlike a lot of nasties-free hair products, my scalp wasn't drying out and my hair felt noticeably stronger and healthier than ever. Once the product is rinsed out and your hair is dry, you really couldn't have guessed that this product had none of the infamously harmful chemicals in it whatsoever.

This truly truly makes you realise how much crap there are in products that contribute to making your experience better and cosmetically fixing your hair, but are damaging it at the same time. We like foamy, we like nice smelling, and we like luxurious, and a lot of that is done with ingredients that are suspected of giving you cancer or effecting your reproductive system in the future. What are we prioritising here?

My verdict..
Not gonna lie - it's so hard to use, it doesn't smell too nice and very costly for each use. And to be honest, there are other shampoos and conditioners out there without the nasty chemicals that don't have these problems. However (and this is a massive 'however'), I think this one produced the best results, and is the only shampoo I've ever used that I felt tangibly strengthened my hair. Coincidence? Perhaps, but it's a great coincidence!

Who would I recommend this for?
I think everyone should try this product at least once - it really opens your eyes to how unnecessary and damaging some chemicals can be. But I would especially recommend this for damaged hairholidays, for short hairs and for people who like the smell of hemp.

Once I have a steady income, I can see myself purchasing this more often because the results are just incredible, and something I'd like to keep!
I'm hoping as a new brand, Leor will continue to reinvent their formulas to make this less costly and perhaps easier to use if they can do so without compromising the ethics!

What are your favourite nasties-free hair products?
Have you tried Leor products?

Check out their full range on their website :)


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  1. I don't know what to think of these kinds of products. Part of me wants to go chemical free but the scientist in me can be a tad sceptical about how bad things actually are if you compare them to every day things we expose ourselves to anyway :)

    Great post though .

    Beauty for Biochemists


    1. Haha that's really interesting! I guess it has a bit to do with making yourself feel a bit better that you aren't using as much as you could be.. but you're completely right! :)

  2. Hmmm, I might try it. I really like the shampoo I use to keep the red, though.

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