Arm Disco: Cutey Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets have popped out from nowhere and are now practically everywhere and imitated by many, making me reminiscent of the 'tattoo' bracelets that were so popular when I was about 7. The depressing thing is a few of my readers may not even know what they are! Kudos if you do, children of the 80's/90's!

Anyway, shamballa bracelets. I personally always thought they were so pretty to look at, but never knew if they were 'me' - I usually wear toned down, simple jewelry and I felt this would be too statement and too 'in yo face'. Surprisingly, I've come to really like my shamballa bracelets from Cutey.

They can seem a bit bulky, especially with the beads going all around (there are some from elsewhere that only has 3 beads, for example), and I think the sparkles aren't to everyone's taste. The beads actually look like a hardened ball of clay with a lot of gems stuck to it, and Cutey has assured me that everything is made by them - which is so so cool!

I do think can be a bit showy, and make a usually dressed down person like me feel slightly nervous. But I've seen people on the tube wearing it really well - whether it's to dress up a simple LBD or as an everyday jewelry. But I think it's much less about the shape that determine the image but rather, the colour you get - for me, I found the gold one to be perfect for everyday despite feeling the white one was a bit more glam and showy.

Tastes aside, if you're interested in getting a shamballa bracelet, look no further than Cutey. Although I haven't tried any other shamballa bracelets, I can fully recommend these for several reasons.

Firstly, the quality. I'm not a very gentle person and whatever I wear goes through its fair share of bumping and scratching, but I haven't had a single gem fall off in the time I've worn mine. Also, the adjustable straps are very secure, and you will never worry about the bracelet falling off. I found that the straps one on my gold shamballa bracelet was a bit TOO tight, but it's softened with time. it can be difficult to open and close, especially with just one hand. But I prefer that than for them to be too loose!

Secondly, the presentation. Your bracelets will come with a cute black tag that says 'cutey' and in a lovely mesh black bag. Perfect for gifts - for your friends, other half or for yourself of course!

Lastly.. this:

I could not believe it when I first walked outside and saw what I like to call, the rainbow disco party on my wrist aka "arm disco". These should really come with a warning: "You will obsessively stare at your bracelet, occasionally stretch your arm in awkward angles just to get it in the sunlight, and look very odd in public". Seriously - oh my.

I HAD to record a video because there was just no way my writing could possibly explain the beauty of these bracelets catching the sunlight. Even the video doesn't do it justice - there's much more big sparkles, and they are not white - they are RAINBOW COLOURED. RAINBOW. COLOURED. It was especially surprising for me because the gems are single coloured in any other light.

Jewelry is a really difficult thing, and tastes differ dramatically. And like I said, these shamballa bracelets are not something I'd usually go for, but like me, you may be surprised! I've really been enjoying the gold one on its own - I find the browny tone makes it quite subtle and easy to wear with anything. I find the white one slightly too bright for everyday especially when it's reflecting rainbow-coloured sparkles, and it's really quite glamorous - I have a wedding next month, so I'm thinking it's more suitable for something like that!

Cutey has loads of different colours, so it's really up to taste. They have one where each bead is a completely different colour - red, green, blue, orange - which brings down the 'glam' element and pushes the 'quirky' and 'cute' and would really be nice for everyday! I'm definitely eyeing this one up next! Then they have ones where it's alternating gold and white, and that looks super glam.
Image from Cutey

 But whatever colour you choose, I can assure you that you will be buying a beautifuly, high quality, and very highly entertaining piece of jewelry. I was really quite impressed. Although they aren't cheap at £18.99, some shamballa bracelets can set you back a few hundred quid. These are definitely a great compromise of affordability and quality, with a great range of colours to suit your tastes!

You can check out the rest of Cutey's range including charm bracelets on their website.

Do you have a shamballa bracelet?
Do you remember tattoo bracelets?!


*Received for consideration.


  1. I like the look of shamballa bracelets but I'm not sure I'd wear them. However I might be like you and be surprised by them. They're so sparkly and pretty which are all things I like :) xx

    1. Yeah that's exactly what I thought too, but it really depends how you wear them and the colour really! I think you'll like them if you like sparkly pretty things :)

  2. I love how much they sparkles! Absolutely gorgeous!

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