Instagrunday #6

What a week (or 2) it's been! 

1. Still trudging with the dissertation.. it's over soon though! 2. Finally got my hands on BareMinerals Matte! :) 3. It was hailing in Liverpool St.. in August! 4. Met the creator of Miracle Skin Transformer, Sarah McNamara! 5. Our new flat (& the boyfriend!) 6. Amaaazing Tiger Lily candle from Country Candle Company 7. I made a pig-shaped icecube.. 8. FOTD! 9. *Let's MakeYuUp* on Facebook!

How's your week been? :)


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  1. Ooh from what I can see of your flat it looks lovely! Cant wait to live with Tom in our own place again! How did you make pig icecubes?!!?

    Leanne @ xx

    1. When's that lovely?! In fact, when is your big day, I've totally forgotten! Lol my mom got me cutouts for muffins.. but I dunno how to make muffins so I made ice cubes LOL!


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