I'm Baaaack! Japan & Australia Haul :)

Oh look at those bags! What a hectic few days it has been! I flew back from Tokyo on Friday morning, via Frankfurt to London where my lovely boyfriend picked me up - and the next day, we spent an amazing day out and about in London for his 22nd birthday! And today, pfft, today was a sad excuse of a Sunday as I spent the whole day writing an essay.. but hey! I have a haul!

The first item is.. well you can probably tell from the picture above ;) My parents were convinced I should be using a better camera than my 5yo CASIO, as I am always taking photographs when we go on holiday, and gifted me this lovely red Canon EOS 1100D as a belated Christmas present (I had gotten pig shaped muffin cups on the actual day hahaha, I love my mom!). I was over the moon, felt absolutely spoilt and couldn't thank them enough - but was reassured that this would be the last big Christmas present, as by next year I should hopefully have a job and be buying myself these things! :P Lots of love for the parentals.

Now on to the make-up haul! :)

Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer UV
Another donation at my mom's shop, so we decided to take it to Australia as a face sunblock. Did it work? No, but I'm sure it'll suffice for the less angry rays over here! It's actually a non-sticky, blendable consistency :)

Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator
I got this in Duty Free at the Cairns Airport, and so far.. not quite sure how I feel about it. I haven't used it enough to see the effects, but it's a chemical exfoliator that you leave on your face for 5min and wash off.

Nanoce BB Moist Cream
I've only worn this twice but I'm tempted to say it's my favourite base yet. It just about evens out your skintone, minimizes the appearance of pores, and lets your skin show through and gives you the most natural finish, somewhere between dewy and semi-matte.. lol. I absolutely adore this! The consistency feels thick at first, but when you rub it in, it just turns into a feathery finish. This was recommended to me by Nic Nic - so glad, thank you!

I also got a Maquillage White Repair Essence Base that I forgot to photograph but you can see here :)

CANMAKE Blush in PW29
I used to have this in another shade, but sold it as it was kind of similar to MAC Style. This shade is limited edition and can only be described as a warm pink, that has a hint of coral in it - it's SO unique! Sadly, when I applied it the other day it hardly showed up on me, but I will attempt it with another brush and wait til I'm not as tan lol.

KATE Wide Edge Eyes Eyeshadow in BR-1
On Christmas Day, I decided I wanted a glittery but sheer eyeshadow palette and as I've been meaning to get a KATE one anyway, I decided to go for this one. The shades are gorgeous, but I've only worn it once and was setting off to Oz so didn't really have time to look.. lol.

So there you go! I really enjoyed my time in Japan again, and miss my family lots already!

How has your first week of 2012 been? :)
Any new purchases? I did quite well sticking to Japanese products this time! :)



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