A Few New Things.

So you may have noticed in the past couples of days that Let's MakeYuUp has had a bit of a transformation and an expansion..

I've got my own domain! :) I decided it's a bit of a faff typing it up, and it didn't cross my mind when I first made a blog that my blog title was not in fact, "makeyuup", but "Let's MakeYuUp", and that people would pick up on the "let's" unlike me (lol) - so it is now www.lets-makeyuup.com! However, it seems to be taking absolutely ages to migrate, so please if you click on a link that doesn't work - replace the front bit with my old address, makeyuup.blogspot.com :) Sorry for the faff!

Also I need to mention that I've switched back to the Blogger's commenting system so all Disqus comments have now disappeared from the blog!

I wasn't very happy with my pink layout. I liked it for a change but I'd like something simpler, something I wont want to change every month (and it reminded me too much of Soap&Glory), so I'll be thinking about it over the next few weeks, maybe even months, so please bare with any (odd) experiments I may conduct between this time.. :P


I'm sure you have heard of the new box on the block - She Said Beauty! She Said Beauty also has a blog to go alongside it, and would you believe it - they wanted me to write for it! My first article went up last night (here!), so I hope you pop over and take a look :) The content is more about fashion, hair, beauty and skincare than the box itself so I'm sure it'll prove an interesting read (my favourite so far has been about micellar water and a man's perspective on Geordie Shore - the latter which almost made me piss myself (to put it eloquently :P). I'm really excited to see what this new box will bring to the beauty box family!

And Lastly..
I just want to say hi to my coursemates that have found my blog/YouTube and have been very supportive of it! Lots of love, peace and good human rights-ey stuff ;)

Speak soon :)



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