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Recently I've become a creature of habit and have started using very similar things everyday - it's partly because I didn't have a lot to play with when I went back to Japan (in the standards of a beauty obsessed person..) I wanted to check out the video functions of my new camera, so I made a video for it - hope you enjoy! :)

Yay my first video with my new camera! Except it totally failed, and when I uploaded it, it didn't have the 720p option - can anyone help me with this? :P Is it something I have to set on my camera, or something on iMovie? I hope it was better quality than what you are used to anyway ;)

I totally am loving that I can take decent photographs without natural sunlight! ;)

What have you been loving lately? :)



  1. I love the new video! :)
    I can't buy anymore makeup this year but that Clarins blush is so tempting..


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