Beauty Box Reviews: Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle

Everyone was SO excited when Glossybox included a Deborah Lippmann nailpolish in their box - I was one of them! Her nailpolishes are so hyped and so expensive so the chance to try them out was an absolute treat! However, I'm sad to say that I wasn't too keen on the rest after my first shot at the Razzle Dazzle nailpolish.

The shade is gorgeous, there's no doubt about it. It's festive, it's fun, it's girly and it's blingin'. However, it's also a bit generic and the glitters are a little bit small for my taste.

Tastes aside, you assume that the quality will be good if you pay more. This wasn't the case with Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle, in that firstly, it didn't dry anywhere near as fast as other high end companies, and worst of all, the lasting power was appalling. By the next day, the tips had started to wear off. For a £16 polish, you'd expect a bit more than that! In fact, that's what I would expect from a £2 polish.

I also found the brush to be a bit awkward - it really did not like splaying out flat, hence the bumpy bottom edge on my nail. This I could live with more than the lasting power issue.

I'm wondering if maybe this was just specific to this formula? However, I do think Razzle Dazzle would be nice if you were to use it on top of a dark base, like a black or a grey just to clean the edges up a little bit but still have the Razzle Dazzle factor ;)

Has anyone tried other shades from Deborah Lippmann?
What did you think about Razzle Dazzle?

You can get Deborah Lippmann's Razzle Dazzle for £16 from the Glossybox website.


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  1. Hi Yu! I've been disappointed with the formula, too. I still had to get the Party set because I wanted Candy Shop so badly. If you get a less unique shade like this one, it's a total pass for the cost imho.

  2. I didn't think much of it either. I didn't like the gritty finish and definitely wouldn't spend the money on a full size one!

  3. I wasn't that impressed with mine either. I expected the finish to be really nice and glossy but I found it quite dull. x

  4. I've yet to be able to justify spending that much on a nail polish so I can't say i've tried them before. But the results do look somewhat, as you said, generic and just not great.

  5. I used this nail polish on my toes last week and it has stayed so far, so I think this polish is strictly toes only.

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  6. Shame about the quality.The shade is gorgeous itself. :C

    Yu what nailpolish are you wearing in this pic in your other nails?It looks so ME. Simple but oh so pretty.Pls answer.I'd love to try it for myself. :D

  7. I really loved the colour of this, great over christmas - but I agree, it didn't impress me as much as I thought it would considering it is £16 and considered 'high end' or luxury! P.s - Love how you review items from beauty boxes, always a great read!

  8. Totally agree with your review. I got mine with the All That Jazz kit and I really hated it. I'm not a sparkle person at all but this was sort of up my alley. When I put it on, it just looked awful on my nail. It didn't want to dry properly, totally ate my topcoat up and would refuse to look smooth. Plus, it stained my nails. Really strange for Deborah Lippmann to verge off track like that in quality.

  9. This is so pretty! I love the look of small glitters when they're really concentrated, but it's too bad the quality of this wasn't that great.

  10. I feel the same way too. I used it yesterday and the tips are quite worn today, plus there was some chipping >=(
    As for its brush I was wondering if it was because it was a miniature version? Never had a miniature before so I don't know what to expect! x

  11. i've never tried Deborah Lippman's nail polishes, but you'd really think that because the price is so expensive that it'd be alot better. sorry it didn't work out for you!

  12. Mine chipped after 2 hours! So glad I got it in the Glossy box so I now know to never buy it! x

  13. I have always wanted to own a Deborah Lippmann nail varnish, but I just can't seem to part with the money! x


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