Review: Whirl-A-Style

This summer, so many girls were sporting huge, messy, WHABAM buns on the top of their heads - I LOVED it. I almost always have my hair up these days, as I find mine gets in the way, it's an awkward length and I'm not sure I like my hairstyle! So I tried so many hair products this summer - donuts, backcombing, hair ties, bump its etc., etc., but my favourite was definitely the Whirl-A-Style.

I realise I should've probably photographed it in the packaging cuz it just looks like a slab of plastic, but what you do is slide your hair in the slit, hold it horizontally and roll up towards your scalp. Once it's reached your scalp, you bring the ends together in a loop, clasp the ends together and you have a perfect bun.. like this:

But this isn't the way I prefer to use it.. I prefer the aforementioned, frigg off buns:

That's more like it! :P To do this I tied my hair in a ponytail, backcombed a little and did the same as the classic bun :)

Whirl-A-Style also have a YouTube channel showing you different ways to use it, but it didn't help much personally as I thought a lot of the hairstyles were out of date and it was a bit difficult to see for those of us who are a bit slow when it comes to hair.. :P

But the product itself - it's perfect, ideal, a godsend! It doesn't tug at your hair, it's weightless, unnoticeable, it doesn't give you headaches and it stays put for literally forever. It really is incredibly gentle to your hair and I have no fears of it kinking, tangling or tearing my hair. I was also amazed at how unnoticeable it is in your head because it doesn't tug, it's lightweight and it doesn't strain your hair.

I have to give credit to the Whirl-A-Style for the big bun too, because when I tried the donut, it didn't work because I have long, thick hair that can loop around the donut til the cows come home, but Whirl-A-Style comes in different sizes and colours to suit your needs :) Having long hair actually works to your advantage if you want volume!

I have to admit that I do use my hairtie more often just because it's often faster, it's easier to take out, travel with and redo without a mirror. I also found that when you roll upwards, and clip at the bottom, the hair at the bottoms fall out easier, and when you roll downwards and clip at the top, the hair doesn't do a full circle due to, well, gravity. So I prefer to do the former and just use 1 bobby pin at the bottom to keep the loose hairs in place!

All in all, I love the Whirl-A-Style, and recommend it to anyone who feels their hairtie is a bit too harsh on their hair. I do wish it was a bit more convenient, but I think for certain things like these it's worth training yourself to use it because you know it's better for your hair!

The one I have is black Jumbo Large Whirl-A-Style, which retails for $10, and it comes in Mini, Small, Jumbo Medium and Large as well! You can figure out your perfect size on their chart here.

You can get these online from Whirl-A-Style's website, as they ship internationally! :)

Have you tried Whirl-A-Styles?
What's your favourite hair tool? :)


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  1. This is really cool. I would like to have it :D xxx

  2. Oh this looks really cool, ideal if you're in a rush! x

  3. This looks really cool, I love big messy buns like that too!!

  4. This is what my hair looks like without one, god only knows how big my hair would get with this in!! Haha your hair does look lovely and I agree I prefer a messier bun also. Must be that whole "I want to look pretty but I don't want to look like I've tried to look pretty" thing. Boys must get so confused.... hahah xx

    1. HAHAHA that is SO true! It's so funny how much boys don't notice :P


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