Beauty Box Reviews: Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing

So I've recently been making the effort to use a lot of the things that are included in beauty boxes, as many of them are expensive so it's difficult to buy them without reading reviews, and a lot of the products come with offers if you buy them through the website, so it could be a good way to grab a bargain (if you know the products are good!). Also, a lot of blogs seem to do posts on what's inside, but not in depth reviews on the products.. so hopefully this will be of some help ;) All these goodies will be shot in front of the corresponding box so you know where to find them :) First off is the..

I was so excited to try this - I love me some intense exfoliators! I do have strange bumps on my lower thighs where I cross my legs, and I am on an eternal mission to get rid of them permanently so any intense scrubs are welcome in my bathroom :P

First thing I found about this was the instructions were really vague! The front picture made it look like a paste, the instructions said to use this 'paste' but when I opened it it was salt and oil..? So I added a bit of water to it and made it a bit easier to apply because when I tried it without, it was like hail flying off my skin.. lol. But applying it was still a faff. A lot was falling off, and the chunks were a bit big and awkward.

When I washed it off, however, the residue of the oil was very nourishing and my skin was super smooth, but not greasy or sticky. The smell was also gorgeous, it just smelt really herbal-ey and relaxing so despite the awkward texture, I did feel like I was in my own little spa.

The result? My skin on areas that didn't initially have problems looked a lot brighter, more even in colour and smoother, where I just kind of casually scrubbed, like my decolletage. However, areas where I focused my scrubbing like that odd patch of thigh, elbows, my heels and parts of my foot, my skin looked very dry. Dry, but not irritated.

So I'm not quite sure I'd call this an exfoliating product - I think I'd say it's probably more of an invigorating, circuit-increasing product, and it's definitely best used as gently as an 'all over' product - forget to focussing and scrubbing! This is how Feel Unique's website describes it, and I feel like Dead Sea Spa Magik's own description is a bit off. I also later read that you were meant to brush til the salts dissolved - with rocks that size, Idk how long I would've been stood there!

So if I were to forget that it was an exfoliator - I ADORED using it. It's a little treat and luxury that I would use before going out or after a long week. The scent was relaxing and my skin just looked and felt really bright, nourished and really healthy!

On Feel Unique's website, this product is £13.50 for 500mL which I think is a great deal as I can't see myself using this incredibly often but it's something that I could really see the effect of after one use and would definitely love to see what it can do in a few weeks. I've been really impressed with the Dead Sea Spa Magik stuff that I've used so far, so glad to add this to the repertoire :)

Did you get this in your box?
What did you think about it? :)



  1. i got this in my box but am going to buy a bodybrush as they recommended using it with that! it made my shower floor so slippery though!

    1. Yes they mentioned that on the bag! Luckily I have a grainy shower, but did you also read that you are meant to get into the bath after you've used it? They have different instructions on different places it's quite annoying lol.

  2. I always have a love/hate relationship with Dead sea spa products. The body lotions smell awful but I would like to try this one.

    Check out my nail polished giveaway. :-)

    1. I've never tried the body lotions actually! Thanks :)

  3. I really like the Spa Magik brand- their face masks are amazing and i also love their scalp and body mud- it works well as a hair mask and a conditioner. Debenhams stock a lot of their products and they had some great gift sets a while ago! Will definitely have to try the body scrub now!
    Have a great weekend :)
    Love Claudia xoxo

    1. Yes I agree, their masks are brilliant! I haven't tried anything else, but I will definitely check out the scalp and body mud :D

      You too Claudia, thanks for your comment! :)

  4. <3 I think this is a great idea! I try to give little mini reviews of my experiences with the products (back when I still subscribed to birchbox) but a lengthy full review is best!


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