What I Brought Home..

Packing make-up is trickier than most things in life. It's definitely trickier than cooking, manouvering through the London tubes, and the only thing it's easier than is probably figuring out all the new versions of Facebook..

Anyway. I travel at least twice a year back home, and I still struggle! But I've become more and more minimalist with practice, and avoiding the overpacking that all of us tend to do - if I think about all the make-up I brought home this time last year, I was definitely mental and a little bit delusional!

I love looking at what people bring to holidays and trips so I thought I'd do one myself :) I'd like to take this opportunity to mention a friend that is currently in the make-up hospital with no real solutions until its brought back to the UK - my MAC MSF in By Candlelight :( It's gotten a few serious fractures, and I can honestly say that MSFs and MSFNs are THE worst things to travel with - do NOT attempt this! They are so powdery, and the plastic in them are so easily collapsed! /rant over. Here we go!


My foundation of choice was the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra in 03, and I only brought one as it's part of my new years resolution to use up a few foundations in 2012. I absolutely ADORE this foundation ever since I figured out the way to apply it a few weeks ago (I intend on doing a video soon!), and can honestly say that I'm prepared to use just this for the next 3 weeks. That being said, I do wish I brought my MAC Studio Moisture Tint, as I'm off to warm weather on Christmas day.. but that's what the make-up stores here are for right? :P


In addition to our injured friend, I brought back 3 blushers. It was originally just NARS Orgasm as it's debatably my favourite blush of all time, but whilst in bed the night before my flight, I realised that I didn't pack my favourite winter blush, nor a peach blush for the warm weather. So in came NARS Sin and MAC Melba :)


I do love my eyeshadows in the winter, but I did resist as I tend not to go all out on make-up when I'm back home. But I couldn't resist bringing my UD Naked Palette, just to see if it's really "all the neutrals you'll ever need" as many people say! I also brought my NARS Taiga Eyeshadow Duo (AH did not see that chip at the bottom!), as I got a few compliments when I wore it in my recent video, and my MAC Paint Pot in Let's Skate, as it's a good quick no-brush everyday winter shade. My primer of choice was MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre because.. well, it's my favourite :)


Lining these up just sent me in a waft of vanilla, it was gorgeous.

First, I brought my three neutrals: Rimmel Nude Delight, MAC Faerie Glen and MAC Warm Me Up. The first is my peachy nude, the second is a pinky cool nude, and the third is a MLBB nude. Did I need both of the first two? I actually did! The Rimmel is for the summer weather, and Faerie Glen has been in slumber since last winter as it's my go-to winter nude, so it totally deserved an outing.

Second are my two pinks: MAC Creme Cup and MAC Please Me. Creme Cup has also been in slumber, as I'd look like a prozzie with it on my summer skin, and Please Me is a nice bright pink which goes well with my to-be tan.. hopefully.

Third is my latest addition to my lipstick collection: MAC Diva. It makes me feel like a diva, 'nuff said.

I also brought my favourite lipgloss, The Body Shop Love Gloss in 17. It's just an all around gloss that goes with anything or on its own, and it's on its last legs, so I'm hoping to add it to my other 2012 resolution - finishing a lipgloss!

What's Christmas without some choccies? These are the goodies I brought back for my mom and I's extensive desserts and tea session every night :P Can I just say, the M&S chocolate covered hazelnuts are AMAZING?!

Anyway, in addition to the make-up above I brought back brushes, three powders, three eyeliners (a gel, a pencil and a liquid), an eyebrow pencil, my two concealers and a bronzer. Not too bad? :S Err, may take a bit more practicing ;)

How are you at travel make-up? :)



  1. Love this post. I'm the same, love having a nosey at what people bring. I'd be a total nightmare and completely overpack. I like to have items for every eventuality :p


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