Christmas Scent: Bvlgari Jasmin Noir :)

In 2011 I acquired more fragrances that I'd ever had in all the years before - but this is my first Bvlgari! Today I received Jasmin Noir Purse Spray EDP from my lovely Gran for Christmas - and I'm in love! :) I have to admit - I did go and pick it out with her, she says she can't keep up with my "eccentric" tastes.. lol cheers Gran.

Like I said, this particular version is the purse spray version, which is 25mL and comes with a satin pouch. But before we get that far, let's take a minute to admire the boxing - it's a glossy, pull out drawer that screams, "DON'T THROW ME OUT, I'm here to stay on your vanity!" Indeed you are!

The bottle is absolutely gorgeous, and very different and edgier than your typical Bvlgari bottle. It's a nice weight and size, easy to hold, and I'll definitely be carrying it around in my purse. The satin pouch keeps it from being scratched and protects it to a certain degree - it's certainly not padded or anything like that :)

The scent is probably the most sophisticated and classy one I have! According to House of Fraser..

"Bvlgari Jasmin Noir eau de parfum is a unique, incredibly seductive fragrance, for every moment of the day and night. Beginning with vibrant, fresh notes of gardenia petals and green sap that melt into warm and enveloping aromas of sambac jasmine and tones of satin almond, to unveil its intriguing personality of woody base notes."


I'd definitely agree with the seductive aspect and the fact that it's wearable both day and night :) I'd also add how much of a statement it is - it really gives the sense of poise, mystery, chicness and confidence and a whole lot of femme power ;)

I wouldn't say it's something that would be everyone's cup of tea, as it's very floral and woody, but doesn't have any sweetness to it at all really. Because of this, I imagine it's also popular amongst people who are older than me - it's definitely not a youthful or fun scent ;) That being said I don't think it's too strange for someone my age to be wearing it either! I've looked around quite a bit for a non-sweet but floral scent, and a lot of them can get a bit sickly, debatably offensive or just too much perfumey-ness - this is none of the above, and is a great kind of 'transitional' if not a 'non-sweet noob' scent - something a bit more easy on the senses :) If you're up for something 180 degrees from the likes of Paco Rabanne Lady Million, Miss Dior Cherie and all the usual suspects, definitely give this a sniff!

I'm so grateful that my gran was kind enough to get this for me - couldn't have asked for anything better, I'm so in love with it! :) It's also so different from everything else that I own - definitely the black sheep of the lot! If you're wondering why I've already opened my gifts, it's cuz my mom and I are off to meet my dad in Australia tomorrow! ;) So expect a bit of a hiatus, as not only will I be associating with strange animals, I'll also be in the sun - writing essays, but still, it has to count for something right?! :P

You can get this Bvlgari Jasmin Noir purse spray in the UK as well, at Debenham's for £36 with free delivery, or other sizes in other department stores and perfume stores :)

Have you had a sniff of Jasmin Noir?
What perfume do you hope will be under your tree for Christmas? :)



  1. This looks so seductive! Hehe I Loveee the sounds of this! I'm hoping for some Coco Mademoiselle but I'm still in love with Thierry Muglers Angel! It's a delight to my senses!
    Merry Christmas honey! :)


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