Japan Wishlist & Make Up Hunt

Hello from Tokyo - I'm back at my parents' house again for Christmas and New Year's! :) The trip back was a little bit hectic. Getting TO the airport was much easier living in London, but as my plane was delayed, I walked off one plane in Vienna, and literally walked on to another at the gate next door - so I had no break at all for 14 hours of flying time!

Now you can imagine how many make-up thoughts crossed my mind during those 14 hours, and I'm determined not to make the same mistake as last summer of buying Western make-up that I can get for cheaper in the UK over here! So I've put together a wishlist of my most wanted Japanese make-up :)

In my mind, Japanese make-up can be summed up in 3 phrases: natural face, glittery eyes, sheer juicy lips. With these in mind, and leaving the Western mentality behind, I've comprised.. well, too big of a wishlist really, making "wish" the key word, on my hunt for the best of Japanese make-up :) (I already have a favourite powder, but I'll post about that some other time ;))

The One & Only..

First on my list, as with any time I come back to Japan, is my Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil. My HG make-up remover since I was 16/17 - it's still the best of its kind, and like.. £4. (It's actually better than a Dior oil cleanser that I've sampled!) AND they do refills - eco warrior Yu like.


I have no idea where to start with these! They all sounds so amazing - light to medium coverage, sheer natural finish, makes your skin look translucent and pore-less. It's like the skin that all Japanese people (except me lol) seem to have! I'm on a quest for one foundation that'll give me that skin, and the above are the ones I intend to choose from :)

Other Products
I have no need for any of these products.. and this is actually my condensed list! But the packaging is just SO lush, I can't help but just stare and drool.

The black cased lipgloss intrigues me greatly - it's actually a liquid lipstick. Coffret D'or also have ridiculously pretty packaging, but I think you can tell I'm going MAD over Lunasol products! The blusher you see in the corner actually has a matching bronzer and highlighter.. if only I was made of money.

I've always been told that KATE was good for eye products, but after having a nightmare with their famous eyeliner when I was like 15, I never went near them - but they have still maintained their reputation with eye products so I'm hoping to be proven wrong at a second attempt! They actually started the gel eyeliner years ago, so I'd definitely try that once my Clinique runs out!

And the one that got away..
I hate being sensible sometimes, I really do! I walked away from this beauty (Clarins Prodige Blush in Miami Pink) at Duty Free, as I was like: "It's not at the top of your wishlist, and you don't have £20 to spare." Well it's at the top now! I thought about it so much during the 14hr flight, I was so tempted to grab the man next to me, shake him and tell him of my misery.

I've been focussing on Kanebo (the mother brand) lines, as they appeal to me more than the others, so I'm excited to visit their counters soon, hopefully before I jet off to Australia on holiday! :)

Coffret D'or has an English site if you wanna check it out here, Lunasol has one here and KATE has one here :) Koh Gen Do is available from Sephora, and Clarins is available with free shipping from good ol' Debenhams ;) I couldn't tell you a reliable place to get the Kose Deep Cleansing Oil, but DHC has an equal in quality but more pricey alternative on their website here :) I also haven't mentioned them in this post as I'm trying out different brands, but one of my favourite Japanese drugstore brands is CANMAKE :)

Do you have any Japanese make-up favourites, or things you've seen that you want on people's blogs/YouTubes? :)



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