My Fall/Winter Blush Picks

Last week I asked people on Twitter if they had any requests or suggestions for upcoming posts/videos that I could pop in my new blog notebook, and the one I'm taking up today is one I got from Kelly at A Blog of Vain Pleasures who suggested a post on my favourite fall blushes - but I struggle to distinguish between fall and winter when it comes to make-up so I decided to just merge them! So here they are :)

Top Left Clockwise:

* MAC Blush in Buff (Matte)
This is one I haven't really talked about a lot, but have used on several occasions and all for the same reason - its subtlety. In the autumn and winter time, I always tend to go a bit heavier on the eyes, or heavier on the lips, so something really subtle and not too showy is perfect - like a matte brown/pinky peach :)

Do I really need to say more? :P It's the perfect natural pink on the cheeks, which is a step up from Buff in terms of subtlety. Yes it does have shimmer, but when you still want to add some colour to your face, say if you also have a nude lip, this is perfect!

This is a great fall/winter blush, not only because of the nature of it being such a unique mauvey shade, but also because it doubles as a contour. Sometimes bronzers/contour can feel a bit out of place in the winter so this is a great 2-in-1, as well as being such an essential colour to have for this season ;) I also assume that I don't need to reiterate my love for NARS blush formulas ;P

Left to Right: NARS Sin, MAC Buff, Benefit Bella Bamba.

Some runners up would definitely be MAC Melba or Benefit Coralista - something peachy to add some warmth if you are wearing lots of cool tones, but subtle enough again to not take away from accent lips or eyes.

I think missing from my collection is a super light baby pink! I do have Well Dressed but it tends to pull redder and darker on me, so I'm hoping to maybe go for Illamasqua Katie or the MAC Azalea Blossom Ombre blush which they are releasing in a collection in January - step aside ladies, if I don't get my hands on this, I will be very grumpy! Jk ;) Not really.

What are you favourite fall/winter blushes? :)

The products are linked to places you can buy these - both Debenham's and ASOS have a free delivery option, and the former has 10% off atm! :)



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