Honk If You Love OPI!

I'm sure all of you with other halves know the puzzled look on their faces when you mention things that go on in the beauty blogging world, like "hauls" or "Illamasqua" or "swatching", and my boyfriend's no different (he likes to entertain me by saying "MINERALIZED SKINFINISH!" :P). But I think it's super sweet when they support your blog like mine does, and this time he's given me something to post about! :D

He was off to Amsterdam with a bunch of work friends, and he knows that whenever I stop by Schipol Airport, I always get myself some OPI - so he said he was going to bring me one back and to choose one. What's the fun in that? I told him to pick one for me :P

OPI Honk If You Love OPI

OPI Honk If You Love OPI (I can't help but notice the symmetry there lol) is a gorgeous dark, almost black purple that has a very strong red undertone - like a really dark magenta, and it is SUCH a classy winter shade. It's a cream finish so there's no shimmer, but as with any OPI, the glossy finish adds some oomph to the colour. The colour's a bit more feminine than a black, and you can really see the magenta-y shade when the light hits your nails. And it goes amazingly with glitter top coats!

As usual the formula is flawless - pigmented, fast-drying, glossy, easy to apply brush. It will take a lot for a brand to knock OPI off my favourite nailpolish spot! :) I think the name is very apt for me as well ;)

I also felt like I wanted to give Ben, and other other halves, a bit of credit here on the blog cuz he does trudge around department stores with me, deals with my tweeting obsession and listens to me babble on about MINERALIZED SKINFINISHES! but he's so very supportive of my blog and I'm sure many other halves are. It's easy to forget how slow it can be to listen through things you have no idea about, so I think they all deserve a pat on the back, a great big hug, and a blog post once in a while! ;)

You can buy OPI from ASOS with Free Delivery and with 10% off if you have an NUS Extra card :)

Do you have this OPI shade?
What's the funniest thing your other half/friends have said about blogging? :P


P.S. I may be a bit MIA in the next week or so as I have a deadline coming up and I'm spending a lot of time with Ben and Christmas shopping as I am back home in Japan on Sunday! Will still be checking Twitter and my email though ;)


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