Have a Holly Jolly Christmas ;)

Merry Christmas everybody! :)

Christmas is just not as big as New Year's over here in Japan, so I do envy you all for having an incredibly festive, family-filled couple of days! ;) But I hope you have all the yummy food your tummy can fit, all the lovely gifts on your list, an incredible time with family and loved ones - and above all a holly jolly Christmas ;) (it's been my go-to Christmas song this year, as I heard a hilariously old school American version a week ago and have enjoyed imitating being a man from the 50's :P)

I'm now off to Australia with my mom to meet up with my dad, so I'll be away until New Year's Eve! Til then, I've posted about one of my Christmas gifts I received yesterday here, and here is a NOTD that I wore for the past week or so to maximize Christmas spirit potential ;)

Merry Christmas again, and see you on the other side :)



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