Christmas with Clarins 2011: The Passion Collection

At the Clarin's event I told you guys about a while back, we were sent home with their Passion Make Up Collection, which is their limited edition holiday line. And as the holidays are fast approaching, I thought I'd give you my 2 cents on the line - potential gifts to others or to yourself of course ;)

Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in No7 Smokey Passion

Now I've been eyeing up the permanent shades of these eyeshadows for MONTHS now so you have no idea how excited I was when I heard that there was a new colour coming out - and that I was going to get to test it out!

This quad has a really strange combination of shades - a shimmery copper, a gel silver glitter, a dark cool shimmery taupe, and a black with shimmer. I only say these shades are strange because 1) the 2 mid-toned shades are at the opposite ends of the spectrum of cool and warm and 2) there's no highlight.

The gel glitter is more like something I'd pat on to a colour or put on my inner tear duct rather than something I'd use to highlight my brow bone, and in this sense I was a bit disappointed. However, I like that you can cover a warm or cool look with this one palette, which I think is quite handy if you are out or if you are on holiday where you will be out a lot, especially with the option of glitter! Yes, I did criticize it for being impractical, but it is much easier to use than loose glitter so for those inclined - this is good stuff.

While I feel the taupe is a bit too dark for everyday, the copper has flung me out my discomfort of copper shades - it is TRULY beautiful, and makes eyes pop like mad. I'm really surprised at myself, as this has been the shade that I've reached for the most out of everything in the collection! :)

Now I haven't tried these wet, but I find they work well with brushes, but for an extra boost of colours, the provided sponge-tip applicators are the best! And this is something you don't often hear from bloggers ;) The formula is so soft, blendable and lovely to work with - up there with MAC eyeshadows, no complaints at all!

Would I buy this for myself? At £30, I think I would pick the permanent shades just because I'd get more use out of them and I already know the formula is impeccable. But the Smokey Passion is definitely a great palette to have. If you are a party-goer and could do with a small palette just for that - look no further, this is it! :)

Passion Face Palette

I must have repulsed a bit when they told me they were giving us a pearly all over powder - I am scared of anything glittery all over the face, as the risk of looking like a disco ball is something I don't take my chances with. But in the name of blogging, I gave it a shot - and it's lovely.

As you can see, I'm much too impatient for photographs and give products a go as soon as I can - but the engraved areas were once sprayed with gold. Now THAT freaked me out, but I surprisingly appreciated the highlighting effects. But once that was gone, I wasn't quite sure.

There isn't any doubt that the powder is weightless, silky and gorgeous. I had a couple of weeks where my skin looked dull and lifeless, and a pop of this over the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose lifted everything up a bit. It just kind of adds a bit of light and is much more "all over" than a highlighter. Highlighters also tend to make parts protrude, whereas the minimal sheen of this powder illuminates more than anything!

That being said, I don't think the effects are £35 noticeable. I think I noticed only because I knew that was what it was meant to do, and sometimes I did feel that it was a bit pink for my liking, and wondered how it would pull on very pale people or very dark people.

You could probably guess that at £35, I would never have gotten this for myself. The effects just aren't noticeable enough, and as a person who rarely has dull skin, I don't think I could justify spending that! I think a better alternative would be to get a face powder with a slight sheen in a few shades lighter than your skintone, and personally, I'd prefer to go all out with a highlighter :)

However, I would recommend this for people who do struggle with dull skin or who are looking for a gift or a little Christmas treat with something a little bit special than other things on the market ;) It's definitely a luxury product - not a necessity, but lovely to have!

Rouge Prodige in No131 Passion Rose

Probably the most uncontroversial for me in this line, is the lipstick in Passion Rose. A very autumnal shade, it pulls a very warm rose shade with a slight shimmer. It's darker than my natural lip colour which always makes me go plain on the eyes (which is something I don't often do in the winter) so it's something I have to plan to use.

That being said, I LOVED the formula! It's really easy to wear and top up without a mirror because it's sheer, but pigmented enough to call a lipstick and make a difference to your look. It's also perfect for the weather because it's moisturizing, AND it smells good - Idk what it is, marzipan? Anyway, to me, they are very similar to the Dior Addict lippies in formula!

I think this is the most universally likeable out of the collection - the shade would suit everyone and may not already exist in a lot of people's collection. It's very mature and lady-like, and it would be handy for days where you just cannot be bothered but still want to look polished.

For £17 it's not cheap, and I would probably have gone for another shade that I would wear more often - but that only goes to show that the formula is absolutely lush! :) Definitely a better-packaged and more affordable version of the Dior Addict lippies!

L to R: Lipstick, Powder, Eyeshadow Quad.

If you needed to pick one for a gift here is what I would recommend:

* For someone that loves the luxury and is well into make up: Passion Face Palette

* For someone that loves to get ready for a night out: Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in Smokey Passion

* For anyone, but particularly someone that loves a natural look: Prodige Lipstick in Passion Rose

All in all, I think this is a unique collection with great pieces. May not be to everyone's taste, but I think all three products bring something to tackle the harshness of winter, or complement the darker shades associated with the season :)

You can probably tell that these aren't things that I would've bought myself, but having received these as a gift, I can tell you now that they are 100% appreciated and absolutely loved! So if you do decide to get these as a gift for someone, I'm sure they'd feel the same as I do. If you're looking for something practical for yourself, the formulas of the eyeshadow and lippies are great - but go for a shade you'll use, and don't be mesmerized by the fact it's limited edition. As for the powder, it's a luxury and a gift to you or anyone else - no question ;)

Have you tried any of the Clarins Passion line?
What's your favourite make-up from Clarins? :)

You can buy Clarins make up from Debenham's with free delivery and at the moment, 10% off :)

*Received for consideration.


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