I'm Obsessed - Essie Curtain Call & CANMAKE Jewel Glitter Nail

I just wanted to show you guys the nails I've been sporting for the past couple of days, and have NOT stopped looking at, I still can't get over how in love I am with them. This is the nail polish that, despite being extortionate in Japan and cheaper in the UK, I HAD to have on the spot, and another one which I think is a close dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Boom Boom Pow:

Essie Curtain Call & CANMAKE Jewel Glitter Nail in 02

I think this pic is more accurate but the first one looked prettier ;P

Look at that BLING BLING! AHHH!

After my last mixed encounter with Essie, I was surprised that even at an higher price, I was so desperate to have Curtain Call. Curtain Call is a baby pink pearl with a hint of peach which brings the most elegant touch to your fingertips. As far as I could tell, this was much too graceful for my personality, but the colour was so gorgeous I wore it around for a day :P

Then I discovered CANMAKE's Jewel Glitter range and fell in love with this gold and instantly thought of Deborah Lippmann's Boom Boom Pow, and thought it would look amazing with the previous day's purchase, if only to add a bit of edge to the princess-perfect nails :P

Ugh, *melts* - I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! (If I say so myself.. which I do.)

I apologize for the gradual chipping at the roots, I haven't had the chance to photograph in natural sunlight and couldn't pass up doing a post on this so I waited a few days :P

However I hope you can look past that, and see some serious chic nudeness going on. I absolutely adore it, it's something about the elegance of Curtain Call, and the modest bling of the Jewel Glitter Nail - Idk how to describe it but if you couldn't tell, I'm in love! Although next time I may put the bling on all fingers.. what do you think?

And the best part is that Curtain Call is a colour that makes you look polished and that you can wear for absolutely anything, and CANMAKE's Jewel Glitter Nail can add a bling to any other nail polish :)

I know it's hard to get a hold of CANMAKE abroad, but I still recommend Essie Curtain Call 100% - the formula is thick and decently pigmented, and while I'm still not a fan of the brush as it's round, the application was pretty okay. All of this is overlooked by the fact that the colour, in my eyes, is the spot-on pearly nude, and will join my other go-to nude nailpolishes! :)

What do you think? :)
What's your perfect all-around polish?



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