Review: The Multiple Uses of Sudocrem

I think each country has some sort of medicine that EVERY household always has. In Japan it's probably this medicine called Muhi to ease the itching in mosquito bites, or this little heatpack that you shake to make it warm in the winter.

Sudocrem probably has this status in the UK, but as someone that started living there in late 2008 - I've been clueless about it for quite some time. That was until I heard about its amazing qualities of curing spots here in the blogosphere, and a few days after thinking of purchasing one, Hayden offered these cute little tubes to try out - couldn't say no could I :P

Now I did some brief research on this and there were a few things that I was quite confused about:

1) There's not many examples besides baby rash on how to use it.
2) It says it acts as a barrier but what does it mean? Why wouldn't I just use a bandaid?
3) It says it's good for away from home.. but it's such a thick cream that hardly ever goes transparent - I wouldn't want to walk around in public with white patches on my skin!

And lastly I didn't think the formula is suited for the packaging - yes it's cute and very handy, but sometimes it is just SO difficult to get some product out. That being said, it's probably a lot less messy than the tub, so while I wouldn't use it "on the go" for reason 3), I can see myself getting this over the tub if I repurchase!

Now as you can see I got 3 tubes. I distributed it to a few people - myself shared with my mom, my boyfriend's sister, and my boyfriend's mom. I gathered a few things that it works for, between the four of us:

*1) Mosquito bites - relieves the itching really really well!
2) Blemish treatments
3) Itchy, dry patches on the body
*4) To soften slightly calloused skin (good for before sanding heels/elbows down!)
5) Sunburn

The stars represent what worked for me - the rest are things the others told me. However, I have used A LOT for my mosquito bites which has made dealing with them a whole lot easier, and it was pretty okay in softening my heels which have been quite calloused due to continuously wearing flip flops :)

Would I repurchase?

Maybe, if one day I have a strange skin problem that I'm not sure how to tackle - to me, Sudocrem comes across as a very universal product that has the potential to solve many problems, and is gentle enough to always give it a shot for whatever skin problem. I reckon it's handy to have in the house for when an unknown skin problem pops up! However, as there are no mosquitos in the UK, and there are loads of other body butters that work well for my calloused skin, I can't really say I'll be running out to get another tube instantly after I run out of this one!

But like I said earlier, if I were to get another one, I'd definitely choose the tube over the tub despite it being hard to come out - it's a lot more sanitary and less messy than a tub!

The biggest flaw I think, however, is marketing this as good for "home and away". No one wants a white patch on their face or on their body when they are away!

Bagology Facebook App

Hayden asked me to take a look at Sudocrem Tube's Bagology app that can be found on Facebook, here. I gave it a shot, and chose the Hobo (it was somewhere between that and the shoulder bag :P):

"You (like your bag) have an appetite for lots of stuff! You'll have many interests and are very much a 'cup half full' kind o' gal.

You can't easily let go of your hobo - she's an every day, every occasion kind of must have. You know you'll need to keep a firm grip of your hobo bag and your ideas to stay focussed on making things happen.

You and your bag are no nonsense partners but may suffer from a little too much self criticism as you strive for perfection!"

Aww shucks ;P It's quite fun, give it a shot here! :)

What is your favourite way to use Sudocrem? :)



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