I Got Dior-ed.

I was all up for some Dior-haulage on Monday after my stressful week prepping for my visa appointment. I had some vouchers off family, and thought I'd use them on things I usually couldn't afford/justify. I still get pangs of guilt though - Dior is, afterall, a luxury brand and I'm a student and unemployed :P Yep. Bless Emma, I texted her completely freaking out at whether I was mental or just excited - I came to the conclusion that it was a bit of both :P

First up is what I originally went in for, which is the ever-hyped Dior Amber Diamond :) I lacked a natural powder highlighter so I naturally went for the beauty blogger's favourite ;) 

Phwoarrrrrr. Need I say more?

I absolutely LOVE how unique this product is. You can highlight in different ways, like using the lighter side for defining the cheekbones, and a colour more similar to your skintone for a natural glow, AND you can also use it as an e/s or even contouring.

I feel like Amber Diamond isn't your average highlighter though, because it gives almost a duo-chrome sheen, instead of your conventional, lighter-shade highlight. So although I love it for what it is, it's not HG just yet - I think I need get to know it better first! :)

This is the goodie that I wasn't supposed to buy :P As I said in my wishlist post, I've been looking for a sheer peach lippy so I picked up a Dior Addict Lipstick in Miss Dior 343 after the MUA tried it on me :)


This lipstick is nothing like what I thought it would be - it's not watery, slippery, or a colourless mess but balmy, naturally glossy and decently pigmented. It's what I always wanted tinted lipbalms to be - that little bit more pigmented! :) It's also my answer to a better quality 17 Mirror Shine.

I'm really glad I bit the bullet because it's perfect and I can see myself using it everyday! But it is quite expensive, so I hope I find a cheaper alternative before I run out :P It's a little treat to myself for now ;)

Dear Natalie Portman, please may have your eyebrows and eyes? Thanks.

As a quasi-hippy, I do have a little problem with Dior's packaging being unnecessary extravagant. In the future, I hope to make an effort to choose other brands over Dior because of this, unless the product is just undupe-able - which these two I think are!

But there you go :) I'm really happy with my haul, and spend less time feeling guilty the more I use them.  They filled big gaps in my collection, and I know I will get almost daily use out of them - very excited! :)

How about you, have you ever got Dior-ed? :)
What's your favourite product from them, or what do you want the most?! :)

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