Review: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

I first heard of the BB Cream about 4 or 5 years ago on tele in Japan, and to be honest I was skeptical - but when it started taking major brands by storm, I thought I wanted to give it a try but never really knew which brands to go for! There are now so many of them, and while there are brands I trust that do BB Creams (MAC, Maybelline, etc.,) I wasn't sure they really had it down like the Korean brands that started the trend - I was quite lost and so never really bothered!

So when BBCosmetics UK contacted me about trying one of their BB Creams in stock, I was more than willing, especially when the lovely Runlin offered to help me choose one perfect for me! I chose the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream, because it seemed to have the qualities I wanted, including being affordable (£19.99), having relatively higher coverage and a very high SPF (42). From the description on the website, I also chose it because it didn't claim anti-aging properties but it seems on the bottle it does.. which was my only concern with the site itself.

What exactly is a BB Cream, and how is it different from a foundation?

I think that was my biggest question. The main difference is that BB Creams were originally used for those recovering from laser skin treatment, so there are healing properties for scars and skin in general, and it acts as a barrier, which makes BB Creams almost a combination of skincare and cosmetics. You can read more about it here :)

This page also explains the term "whitening" on BB Cream labels - it's kind of an error on the brand's part because what they really mean is that it "brightens" the skin by healing sunspots and scars, but chooses to use the term "whitening" as lighter skin is thought to be more desirable in many parts of Asia. 

So worry not - because I'm thoroughly medium skin toned, I love my tan, and the Missha M Perfect Cover is still a 100% a-go-go for me :)


I love the packaging. It's super well thought out and practical in the sense that it's hygienic with a pump (it really is bizarre that many brands choose to overlook the massive demand for pumps!), but also accommodates the consumer in the sense that you can squeeze the last bits out, or even cut the tube and depot it so you can use the last drops - love it! Very consumer friendly :) The pump did malfunction for about two uses recently, but it seems to be back on form :P

(Top: regular foundation, Bottom: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream)

Shade & Application:

As you can see from the picture above, the Missha M Perfect Cover is grey like many other BB Creams, and it will remain to be grey for about 15 to 20 minutes after application, but it then adapts to your skin colour. For those of you who rush out of the door in the morning, this may be a problem - however, I've found it's nothing a bit of powder can't help for the time being.

Unlike other BB Creams, there are different shades available for the Missha M Perfect Cover which I think makes this particular BB Cream more approachable for those of us who are new to the idea - it definitely came as a relief for me, as wrong shades are a nightmare! My shade is 23, which I would recommend for anyone between NC25-35 and the other on the BBCosmetics UK website is 21. However, there are others available, and the ones I've heard of are 13, 27 and 31.

As for this shade-adapting capability in general, apparently it's because BB Creams seep into your skin - I find this a bit strange and scarily intrusive. However, I haven't felt any consequences of it in the Missha M Perfect Cover - the product is not hard to get off, and my skin hasn't broken out. I still do find the thought a bit scary though!

As far application goes, this is meant to be applied by patting motions with your fingers, which means it again takes a bit more time to make sure there are no visible lines, and that it's sufficiently set in so it can adjust to your skintone. So again, not the best for those who have busy mornings!

However, here is the proof that it does adapt :) It goes from this.. this!


The finish, if you take the time to pat it in, is incredible - a very natural, not too dewy, not too matte finish, with a light-medium coverage that gives you a pretty bare look! It's really a step up from a tinted moisturizer - more coverage and a similar finish of skin showing through - and a step down from a natural-finish foundation, which I feel tends to be more semi-matte and medium coverage. I still like to use concealer with this, but I don't think powder is a must, as oil control is decent. The consistency is thick but it doesn't translate on to the face as full-coverage nor heavy.

For me the finish is ideal for errand days, days at the gym, or playing sports - days where you're not meant to wear make up but you wanna look presentable, however a tinted moisturizer wont cut it :P

The staying power is alright, but as you can see above, after 5-6 hours, my forehead is just a teeny bit darker, which shows that its worn away a bit as my forehead is naturally darker than the rest of my face. However, this was worn through heat and humidity, one blot and no touch-ups so I'd say it wears away nicely with better-than-average staying power :)

The point that makes me reach for this BB Cream over others is the SPF - when I know I'll be outside running errands, I will always reach for this because of the SPF!

I have noticed some of my scars disappearing recently but I'm not 100% sure I can credit it all to this, as I've also changed my skincare routine.

So yes, I love the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream, and I hope to always have it in my collection - it's one that I'll turn to on very casual days when I need a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but a natural foundation may be a bit much. It IS a bit of a inbetween/picky product, so that's why I say it's nice to have in my collection - maybe not a must, but very handy :)

Personally I'd recommend this BB Cream to anyone, especially to newcomers because..

- It has several shades
- Suitable for sensitive, dry, combination or oily skintypes
- Bit of a bargain at £19.99 as you get 50mL unlike most foundations that give you 30mL and I rarely use a full pump!

And in general, it's..

- Inbetween a tinted moisturizer and natural foundations
- Natural finish
- Light-medium coverage
- Decent oil control
- High SPF
- Good lasting power
- Healing properties

The only negative, which may be a killer for some, is that it takes more time than other face base products because of the application and shade-adjusting!

Hope this cleared up a bit about BB Creams in general too, and if you're up for trying one yourself, BB Cosmetics UK has a great selection of BB Creams for you to browse through :) As I was really impressed by this product, I hope to stop by the Missha shop in Tokyo some time soon to check out their other products!

What are some of your Missha recommendations?
Have you tried the Missha M Perfect Cover? :)

Sorry for the long review, I honestly can't help myself :P



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