"Back to Japan": Cheeks

The second part of my "Back to Japan" series will be blushers and bronzers. I think in terms of make-up, they are one of my favourite things to play with, alongside foundation and powders :)

I borrowed my mom's camera which I got her for her 60th birthday present - is the quality noticeably different? It's 14.1 Megapixels, where my usual one is like 6.5 Megapixels! I haven't tested out the video quality but if it's good, I might pick one up for myself! What do you think?

Again for blusher/bronzer, I went for a wide range of colours as well as different finishes for bronzers. As you can see from the picture above, loads of different brands so I don't get bored while I'm away from the rest of my goodies! (Although it's obviously not enough to keep me from lusting after so many..)


L: CANMAKE Shading Powder in 02
(A matte bronzer for sharp contouring - haven't used yet :P)

C: Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer in Medium Matte
(A really soft pearly bronzer, great for everyday soft contouring - use EVERY day! Hoping to replace with NARS Casino - yay, nay?)

R: CANMAKE Bronzing Foundation in 02
(Great for when I get ridiculously pale foundation samples, just to dust it over. Otherwise it brings out the yellow undertones in my skin way too much if I use it as a contour - therefore my choice of NARS Casino over Laguna!)

L to R: CANMAKE Foundation 02, CANMAKE Shading Powder 02, Rimmel Medium Matte.


L: NIVEA Stay Real Blush in Shades of Rose
(Was a candidate for a natural blush for my graduation - haven't worn yet!)

C: Melliesh Blush in Burnt Orange
(Good to have to warm up blushers or to use alone)

R: Illamasqua Cream Blush in Rude
(No need for a brush/good summer colour = no way I was leaving it behind :))

L: NARS Luster
(My blush lover since I got it - been wearing it almost everyday! Lovely natural sun tan peach :))

C: NARS Orgasm
(My favourite pink blusher, had to come with!)

R: NARS Torrid
(Was my go to blush until Luster - atm wondering if it's a bit too clowny for my tan.)

L to R: Melliesh, Illamasqua, Nivea (darker shade), Nivea (lighter shade), NARS Luster, NARS Torrid, NARS Orgasm

So there you go! :) That's what I brought back with me, and I probably could've done without the Nivea or the Melliesh blush, and maybe even the CANMAKE stuff - but that may change as my skin is getting lighter again!

What have your go-to blusher/bronzer been recently? :)



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