August Favourites :)

I can't believe I have less than a month left to be in Japan! :( I was going to whinge about how it's kind of difficult to live with parents for so long when you've had all the independence, but I'm currently so bored without my mom as she's gone to a middle school reunion, and my dad's been away for work in Papua New Guinea..  total FAIL on my behalf! I've still enjoyed myself though, and have a month yet to appreciate my time here so all is well :)

Anyway, here is my monthly favourites video :) 

Apologies again for the caffeine high (and the caffeine relief bit LOL! I couldn't edit it out I was lol-ing at myself) - it's probably why there's lots of editing in this one! :P Coffee really is my drug of choice :P

And some of my new found favourite blogs this month are..

I spent a few hours going over all her posts! Reminded me about how relaxed blogging should be and that it's not just about trying product after product, or about cult products or about high end products - it's about showing people what you love! :) Unfortunately this has added lots of new products onto my wishlist though and made me doubt my decision on some products I used to shrug off.. (Helloooo, Bella Bamba!).

I love this blog and have caught myself on it numerous occasions recently (as I don't do rounds of certain blogs, I just read what I think looks interesting on my Dashboard) which is always proof that I'm loving a blog! She talks about products that not a lot of people have heard about, and also has great reviews and not to mention photographs! I'm hoping to do a full round of her blog tonight, as I've been viciously reading through them day by day! :D

I'm usually not a fashion blog kind of girl, but I LOVE Carlinn's style as it's not too OTT or too complicated and she wears lots of solids which I love (as I struggle to find pattered tops I like.. the only one I have is what I'm wearing in the video! :P), all whilst still being extremely inspiring and stylish! For the first time I find myself wanting day-wear heels?! I also love her make-up tastes, and always love seeing bits and bobs of Malta - I absolutely adored it there! :)

And some snaps from this month.. :)

1. Books to planning my mom and my trip to Kyoto/Nara/Osaka in September :)
2. Visiting my baby second cousin Arata <3
3. Flowers for my grandpa's grave <3
4. Steamed bread :D (extent of my baking abilities..)
5. Reading for my next degree!

Hope you guys had a brilliant August :)



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