Revealed: Birthday Haul :)

Yes, the title's a bit dramatic but I am going to milk the stuffings out of this one as I can't foresee another big haul in the near future - I'm back on my Project Pan! :P

As you may have seen in my birthday post, I got a lot of make up for myself but didn't really tell you what everything was, or show you swatches - yes, that is all part of the milking.


MAC 129
I got this from Seanna's blogsale, and it's officially called the "Powder/Blush" brush which is a very apt name in my opinion. As I only ever powder my t-zone, the size is perfect for powdering and it also works really well for blush and natural contouring around the face - love.

Bought mostly for holiday - not a big fan, I find the way you take out eyeshadows quite damaging to the eyeshadow. Also I refuse to use it outside of travelling as I'm convinced the really strong 'clamp!' of closing the thing will loosen eyeshadows over time and make them easier to break.. paranoid? We'll see.. :P

Rediscovering my love for the drugstore..

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
A mattifying powder was a definite necessity as 1) the warm weather is making me oily quicker and 2) my other 2 mattifying powders have both hit pan and will break instantly if I pop it in my bag/travel with it. I've only used it twice - but am in love.


MAC Brule E/S
I needed a highlight for my new quad and for my holidays, because all of my other highlights are part of other palettes. It's meant to be a satin finish but I think it's quite matte - great for brow highlight :)

MAC Rubenesque PaintPot
A bit of a disappointment - I was hoping for the duo-chrome gold and salmon, but on the eyes it's really just gold. That being said - it's a very pretty gold! So love the colour - it's just not what I wanted. But I love Paint Pots so I don't see myself not getting use out of this :D

MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot

L: MAC Honeylove C: MAC Please Me R: MAC Girl About Town

MAC Honeylove
I bought this from Zoe - and while I like the colour, it's just a smidgen warmer than the Faerie Glen from the Tartan Tales collection, so a bit disappointed, as it's 1) a dupe, and 2) not the summer nude I'd hoped for. That being said - atleast I wont be afraid to use up the Faerie Glen ey? :P

MAC Please Me
Favourite of the bunch! Mid-tone, non-nude, warm pink, which on my warm skin, looks cool-toned - I hate it when this happens. That being said, it's bright, but still very appropriate for everyday wear. It's out of my comfort zone as it's pink but I'm learning to like myself in pink :) Love matte finishes!

MAC Girl About Town
Been wanting this for ages, and knowing that, Rachel sold it to me - thank you love! :) Love it - great for those sunny brave days ;)

MAC Jubilee
Never came. Debenhams claimed to have sent it to me but it wasn't in the box, then they offered to send a replacement. The next day they said it was now out of stock and they are now refunding me the 10% off price that I paid for - therefore I can't really get a replacement - absolute bollocks.

Top to Bottom: MAC Honeylove, MAC Please Me, MAC Girl About Town (and imaginary MAC Jubilee. Bastards.)

L: Illamasqua Creme Blush in Rude, R: NARS Blush in Torrid

Illamasqua Creme Blush in Rude
First off - thoroughly impressed with the packaging. Cheaper than MAC but 100x more detailed/thought-out packaging!
Colour is GORGEOUS. Not a creme-to-powder finish, which preserves the natural look (instead of some blushes that ruin it by making it obvious my cheeks are actually just powder, and ruin that I've not powdered my face), and extremely pigmented - still learning to apply well. Love.

NARS Torrid
So much more buttery-er than Orgasm or Sin, and more of a matte with small gold specks than the sheen of Orgasm (watch video for demo). Finding it hard to work with due to immense pigmentation but that's all part of the fun - VERY pretty and appropriate for summer :) Another love.

Top to Bottom: Illamasqua Creme Blush in Rude, NARS Blush in Torrid.

Overall, a very very VERY loved haul - YAY! :)

Here is a video if you want to know a bit more in detail about what I think about the products. The video includes other products that I got during May, so sorry if it's a bit redundant if you read all my posts :P

What have you gotten recently that you have been loving? :)



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