Warning: Fish & Feet

It's incredible how a trend can spread so quickly - the fish spa is one of them, and when our friend Lisa found one in our local town, Danni, Maria and I were quick to agree to treat ourselves to a session after our exams (except Maria, who sadly starts on Saturday..).

Spa Balik
Yes, the concept is quite simple - you basically stick your feet in a tank full of carnivorous Grim Reaper-esque fish who feast on your dead skin cells. It does sound somewhat suicidal and a bit masochistic but in reality, it's actually quite.. ticklish.

Me & Maria; Lisa & Danni - Photos from Lisa :)
The feeling is surreal - these fish don't actually have teeth, so they're basically nibbling at your feet, and when you've got about 30 of them doing that all over your feet, it almost feels like your feet are vibrating. Do not take Maria's suggestion of spreading your toes, cuz they will get inbetween them and you will end up almost falling off the chair giggling - a la me.

The results? I think it's safe to say that you do come out with softer feet, especially around the toes, but it's no miracle-worker - not in 15 minutes anyway. That being said, it's such a fun experience, that I would definitely recommend giving it a shot some time with a few friends! :)

I would like to try this on my hands some time, as with feet the dead skin is always thicker and you can't really fault the fish for not being as hungry as we want them to be, as they do have lots of feet to eat (we were with another woman, and 2 others came along later). Hands may be more likely to have bigger differences!

Have you ever fed fish with your feet? - sounds quite skilled doesn't it :P
How did you like it? :)



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