For Audrey, Like Tiffany.

A few weeks ago, Beautylish tweeted this tutorial using China Glaze's For Audrey, and out of boredom I clicked on it - and then got instantly enabled. I so need some nail gems! So off I went to beautyzone2007 and got myself the infamous colour that is supposed to be a Tiffany & Co. box blue. It arrived today and it is GORGEOUS.

In the bottle, it actually looks a bit lighter and duller than a Tiffany & Co. box, which even if it was when applied I wouldn't have minded as it was still a gorgeous colour (it was a bit separated though as you can see in the pic - had to shake it up!). And although I'd just painted my nails the night before, curiousity got the best of me and I tested if it really was the colour of the box..

Pshyeah, it is.

Now this is also my first China Glaze, and the formula is a lot thicker, creamier and more pigmented than I was used to. It reminded me of a thicker version of the Rimmel 60 Seconds polishes.

I have to say that OPI formulas are still my favourite, as with China Glaze I found it hard to get that right amount on the brush so that you have enough to coat your whole nail, but not enough to be blobby and uneven. But the pigmentation is insane, and I think the thick consistency may be to maintain this?

I have always loved the colour range of China Glaze polishes from what I saw on blogs, and For Audrey does NOT dissapoint - I can't stop staring at my nails! And the drying speed is Yu-approved, and there is a good amount of gloss - I am SO impatient with nail polishes, so Yu-approved nailpolish drying speed is very rare ;P.

I do love the packaging, I love how it's unique but cute and the amount you get is very practical (I always wonder if I'll ever actually finish an OPI!).

I'm not a fan of the brush as it's quite round and doesn't have a flat edge (Barry M-esque), but if there is a unique colour from China Glaze, I wouldn't not buy it just because of this. I think if they changed the brush, the thick consistency wouldn't bother me as much!

I just threw in a pic between Barry M Blue Moon and Rimmel 60 Seconds Sky High because I felt like it was kind of the mix of them two - not sure if For Audrey is a bit greener :) All in all, I LOVE this colour, and while I had buyer's remorse when I first got it, I have no regrets anymore!

Do you have a favourite China Glaze shade?


P.S. This post is dedicated to Vivianna - cuz she's been wanting this polish, and I need to enable her, for once.
P.S.S Check the new banner, layout and the favicon! :) Do you like?


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