5 Beauty Exam Stress Saviours

-Sigh-, I am done with exams. The relief is tremendous!

Anyway, I just wanted to give a bit of a thank you to some things that I felt helped me to keep feeling good about myself and looking, well, decent (at best) throughout the exam period!

All these things are really easy to use, fast to use, made me feel (and hopefully look) 10x better, and are things that I'll turn to when I'm stressed in the future! (It wont be from exams, I'll tell you that much :D)

* MAC Studio Moisture Tint with SPF15 in Medium Dark
There's no particular reason why it has to be the MAC Studio Moisture Tint - it's just the tinted moisturizer that I use, but I do appreciate that it has SPF15 :) It was great for just popping out for a coffee break, and it's super easy to use with fingers, and just evens out the skin-tone with a semi-matte finish.

* Bourjois Compact Powder in 73 Miel Dore
I buffed this in after using a very rich moisturizer like the Boots Botanics Day Shift Moisturizing Cream or the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer for Normal/Combination skin, and it gave me a bit more coverage than the MAC Studio Tint. Again, great for coffee breaks, quick and easy.

* Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzing Compact Powder in Medium Matte
I'm not a fan of this when applying a harsh contour with a MAC 109, but it is amazing to use as a soft contour with a powder brush like a MAC 129. It claims to be matte but it has the littlest amount of a pearlescent finish, which I think adds to the glow that a natural contour gives. A shimmery bronzer would be overboard, a matte bronzer would look muddy and flat.

Swatch: Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzing Compact in Medium Matte

* Body Shop Born Lippy in Watermelon and Pink Guava (latter not pictured)
I leaned towards the fruity scented lip balms, because they are so refreshing! I feel like sugary ones make you lethargic and minty ones are too dynamic and harsh on the monotonous life of a studying student.. Also, I love these lip balms in general - definitely one of my faves!

* ELF Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in Medium 
I was flabbergasted when 27vampyr said in her recent monthly favourites video that the concealer end had caffeine in it - the last time I had used it was when I wasn't suffering from tired eyes so I hadn't noticed the kick, and I had always used my Bobbi Brown concealer because I wanted the coverage for my dark circles. This concealer does not give great coverage - but the caffeine is AMAZING. It really kicks your eyes awake! Although this isn't high coverage, it leaves a very natural finish - you could definitely layer a cream concealer on top.

Top: Highlighter, Bottom: Concealer.

So there you have it :)

What beauty products and tips do you use to get you through stressful times? :)



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