The Fate of My Project 15 Pan

I started on January 1st, and it's been 5 months - with one month break last month. It's been very long, and while I hate to quit things I committed myself to, I feel like I'm letting it slip a bit - but at the same time, I think I've got what I wanted from Project Pan.

I've finished 5 make up products and 5 beauty products, and it's gotten me into the habit of wanting to finish things. Also, my collection has grown in a way that only things that I want and use are in there, and I find myself not wanting every single thing I see. I also managed to finish, swap or sell things that I didn't want or need. I find myself in situations where I'm thinking, "I need something like this" and then going out to find it, rather than seeing a review or promotion pictures and thinking "I need that", just because it's pretty or just because it's the hype.

The mission seems to be accomplished, but I still want to say I finished 15 products, so I'll keep on counting, but I don't think I'll be on a strict ban as I'm not the same splurger I was in December anyway - my views on make up and blogging has changed so much!

The reality is that when you love something - like make up - to deprive yourself completely is a punishment that wont do you any good. But I think it's important to be sensible, and that's what I wanted and got from my project pan. These days I read more reviews, explore more in stores because I know I can buy stuff if I want to - and it's so much better this way :)

With that in mind.. here are a few things I picked up before my Berlin holiday - as you can see, no massive splurges, and reasons for every purchase!

Garnier Roll On
Tired eyes after exams, need I say more? I also bargain hunted and got this for £5 at Wilkinson's :)

Natural Collection Lipstick in Rose Petal 
I wanted a baby peach, and went for the brand that everyone seemed to be raving about - but I got a baby pink bordering on concealer lip! I think it'll have to wait til the winter when I'm paler..

Bourjois Healthy Mix in 56
I hated having to use my Dior foundation on days where I was just popping out for a coffee, or when I just wanted to do a video. I also needed a non-SPF foundation after the massive horror that is the flashback of an SPF25 foundation, and I wanted something light to take on my holidays! Everyone had been raving about this, and I committed after Steph's suggestion - it must be good if it's coming from a Chanel foundation addict!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti Chip Top Coat
I am an impatient person when it comes to nailpolish, and I hate it when I have a gorgeous colour but I don't reach for it because I know I'll mess it up before it dries. So I bought this so I can wear any colour I want, and also so I hopefully wont have to be annoyed by chipping nail polish over my holidays :) Hope it works, I have faith in Sally.

See? Nothing too mad :)

I'd recommend Project Pan to anybody - it's a great experience :) Even if I'm not banning myself from buying, I think finishing 10 make-up products is an accomplishment that I'm looking forward to! :D



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