Wedding Preparations #2: The Venue, Ben Learns Japanese etc.,

Bath map from Lonely Planet

It's funny how time is so contextual, and I can't quite get my head around the fact that Ben and I have now been engaged for 5 months! It doesn't seem so long ago that friends and I fist-pumped when a relationship lasted longer than a month.. (just me then).

The Venue..
Things seemed to slow down a bit after my first update - we'd missed an opportunity to go visit venues in Warwickshire due to other commitments, and then my exams happened which meant nothing really happened, quite literally, until mid June.

But then it all seemed to go lightening speed when we visited a few venues around Bath (including an old school cinema with a civil wedding licence, and an orangery with an ancient jukebox!), and narrowed our choices to two. After lots of deliberating, confirmations and quotes, we officially secured a date at our venue of choice, and will be getting married in September 2015! The 13 month countdown so begins.

The venue is a small country hotel with a very rustic feel to it. The decor is very homely, cozy and down-to-earth, and has several cute touches like a games room and a garden where the head chef grows his veg and smokes his fish!

The Fitness..
A big change this past month has been me going to a gym near Oxford Street called NKD Ambitions to take on a bit of Technoshape. It's a belt that you wear while you walk for 40 minutes, and it connects to a machine which inflates and deflates it (think Matrix meets wrestling belt). This increases the blood circulation around your waist and concentrates fat loss in the area. Now I know everyone says it's a myth that you can focus fat loss, and to be fair, Technoshape has to be combined with healthy eating and other moderate exercises.

However, over my 6 sessions (a full course is 12 sessions) I lost 2cm off my waist, 1cm at 4cm above my belly button, 2cm at 4cm below my belly button. Truth be told, I wasn't being militant about what I ate/drank, so I was so impressed! I mean, the record loss at NKD Ambitions with a Technoshape is 24cm lost!

Other than that, I've finally got myself a pair of Nike Free Runs in the ASOS sale that I've been eyeing for months. When a £85 pair of shoes is up for £57.. it'd be rude not to, right?!

Ben Learns Japanese!
He's always been a smart guy, but the pace at which he's learning to read, write and speak since he started lessons at International House is absolute madness. It's only been 5 lessons but we can now have very basic conversations about our days, what we did, what we ate (typical couple, needing to know everything), what our plans are etc., I'm so proud of him and I think it's so sweet that he's put in this effort so he can speak to my extended family in the future. If we ever have kids, I really hope they get his linguistic abilities cuz mine, is, shite.

The Other Stuff..
Some things have started to take shape, although not set in stone - we've found a photographer we've been speaking to, I've found a ring I like, and Ben might be getting his made by a guy we met at Greenwich Market last weekend. Unfortunately for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, we still haven't decided on a colour scheme! My plan is also to go back to Japan next week, take in all the crafty cuteness and decide on what to do for invitations. Ben is also responsible for sorting out music, and has been checking out a few bands online.

Not that there was much doubt even before we got engaged, but the thought of life after marriage has really started to play a big role in our lives. We have so many exciting ideas for what we want to do, and it's so exciting share a life with someone else.

Until next time! (Read the first Wedding Preparations here)
Ben & Yu


  1. So lovely to hear it's all going well Yu :D I am sadly boyfriendless, but another two of my friends got engaged recently so it's all feeling very wedding-y at the moment! It must be so awesome to have a date and place and to know it's actually happening! xxx

  2. I'm engaged and gonna have our wedding in Tokyo!
    I'm very interested in your english wedding!!!very exciting!!


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