Save or Splurge: Eye De-Puffers

The last of the SoS! :( But let's just say this was the category I was least confident about - I don't generally use eye de-puffers, and most of the time it's more the feeling of heavy, tired eyes and dark circles that I hate and expect these kinds of products to revive! Also, unsurprisingly, eye products don't come cheap so it was a bit difficult to find many things under the lower categories, but hopefully this will give you a bit of an idea of what's out there in the market - and what to avoid!

Under £5: Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm
£3.99 from Boots
Truth be told, I am in general a product snob - I like to spend on beauty products. And it definitely made me nervous to put something which was under £5 on such a sensitive area like my eye and to be honest this feeling never went away.

My subconscious aside though, I felt like this product was a nice, refreshing gel to lightly hydrate and cool under your eyes but only on a very temporary level. It didn't make a huge difference to how my undereyes looked so I'd recommend it more for people who just want a budget eye cream more than anything!

Under £10: Boots Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll-On All Bright
£8.99 from Boots
I love the packaging of this, with the roller ball at the end of a tube - super practical! This is one of those products that truly reflects its price point, in the sense that it's a good product for what you pay.

When you apply it, the metal ball is really cooling and lightly massages your undereye which is a great addition to the experience - this also then brightens up your eye just a bit. The liquid is like a gel and as you rub it in to your undereye area, it really cools things down and your eye does feel more awake. This also lightly moisturises which is nice.

I'd recommend this if you also want a moisturising effect in addition to a waker-upper! To me, the cooling and brightening wasn't the strongest, but it's also the most multi-tasking one because it also moisturises.

Under £20: First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller
£18.50 from Feel Unique
This comes in a glass bottle with a metal roller ball and again, it's cooling and lightly massages your undereye. But compared to the Boots Botanics one, the formula blows it away.

Firstly, it's a watery liquid so it's not a moisturiser per se. You also only need a little bit, and one or two rolls is more than enough. As soon as you apply it, even before you start rubbing it in, you feel this tingling and coolness that just revives your eye almost instantly. My eyes looked brighter and felt awake, and I was amazed! The product uses antioxidants and are free of parabens and a few other nasties.

The Verdict: Splurge!
The eye area is so delicate that I really care about what I put under there, which is why First Aid Beauty's ingredients were more appealing to me. The effects were too! If you're looking for something that really delivers, go for the FAB. If you're looking for something that's good but also moisturises, the Boots Botanics will be your best bet :)

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