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Liz Earle

The Bronzers
Under £5: Collection Shimmer Shades in Way to Go
£4.19 from Boots
First things first - mine arrived shattered which obviously means it's very, very breakable and perhaps not the best for travelling. Beyond that though, I was really quite impressed! It has a dark shade to give yourself a bit of a shadow, as well as a peachy colour that can be mixed in with a tan for a lovely bronze glow. Fortunately, it doesn't come off as shiny on your face so it's really quite natural looking with a touch of shimmer! The only thing I wouldn't suggest is mixing all the shades together - as you can see, it gets a bit taupe!

Under £10: Sleek Face Form Palette in Fair
£9.99 from Boots
This is such a great little kit with a matte, taupe-based powder, a highlighter and a blusher with a mahoosive mirror. The pigment on each of these are great, and I love that they come in a range of darkness. However, this is not a 2-in-1 contour and bronzer - it's a straight up contour, and the taupe will make you look muddy if you try to bronze yourself. But if you're more of a contour gal, this is the perfect kit for festival season. I have no complaints about the gorgeous pearly highlight, but I think there's a bit too much frost in the blusher and not enough colour. But this actually gives the product a potential for glow as well as contour!

Under £20: Liz Earle Radiant Glow Bronzer
£19.50 from John Lewis
Hands down, this has been my favourite out of the three. I love using the darkest shade to give myself a bit of a contour, and using the other 3 as a blusher/bronzer around my face. The sheen mimics the natural glow of your skin and gives you an all 'round, "bronzed goddess" look (or as close as I'm going to get anyway). The staying power is fantastic, it comes with a big mirror for on the go and I can't imagine this going wrong on anyone!

The Verdict: Splurge!
My vote has to be with the Liz Earle Radiant Glow Bronzer (unless you're more interested in contouring in which case, go for Sleek). It's just so much more natural than the Collection Shimmer Shades, and I think it's foolproof. Although the Collection is by no means a bad product - if you're saving pennies, it's still a great option at 1/5 of the price.

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  1. Great post! I have the Sleek Face Form Palette too and it comes in so handy for holidays!



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