Is the Amazing Concealer.. Amazing?

It would take some serious cojones to name something "AmazingConcealer" if it really wasn't amazing, as I imagine (sick) people like myself would quite enjoy the irony. Which is why I was both excited and relieved when I discovered that the AmazingConcealer from AmazingCosmetics was indeed.. amazing.

It's a very popular product in the US so really, my hopes were high. The thing that I believe most concealers fail on, is the balance of coverage and skin-like finish. A lot of the times, giving more coverage means getting more of a powdered finish. I absolutely despise that powdered look - I could not stand the MAC Prolongwear concealer for this exact reason.

But the AmazingConcealer truly dries into a second-skin finish, and is super emollient that it just blends onto your skin. Once applied, I didn't notice it to settle at all, and it'll last really well throughout the day. When it wears, it does so discretely without showing any kind of breakage in its formula.

The other thing that I loved about this that most concealers can't do, is that you can use it for both under eyes and around the face for blemishes and redness. Most concealers I've tried are either too dry for under the eyes, or too brightening or dewy for the skin. That being said, keep in mind your concealer's undertone. I think mine is a tad better for making redness disappear, just because mine has a yellow undertone that corrects and covers the red.

Although I have to admit - the coverage is enough to get rid of 85% of my dark circles, which is amazing considering you can't expect to get rid of 100% of something without some sort of correction.

Speaking of coverage, this isn't as full coverage as it's made out to be - it's a layering product. You'll find that if you don't need that much coverage, one layer will do. But the great thing is that layering it doesn't seem to affect how it looks. I can easily build to a full coverage in about 2-3 layers and it'll still look like skin. It is a truly versatile product in this way.

I do have 1 niggle - the packaging. It comes in a tube which I find quite difficult to control. I squeeze some out, but try not to squeeze too much so I end up spending quite a lot of time going back and squeezing some more. My preferred option would be a doe-foot applicator, although I imagine some people would be concerned about the sanitary aspect of that.

This product definitely comes with a high-end price tag, where the smaller 6ml tube retails for £19.50 and the full 15ml goes for £29.50. To put it into context, my Dior Diorskin Hydrating Concealer was £22 for 10ml. However, I think the fact that it's dual purpose does justify it quite a bit, as well as the formula - it is pretty much flawless!

While the States have the full range of 25 shades, the UK currently only sells 10. At around NC35, my shade is Tan Golden. Here's a chart I saw that shows the undertones for each shade - sorry about the quality (please note that some of these are not in the UK yet):

Overall, a truly fantastic - or should I say, amazing product that delivers on its claims!

You can get the AmazingConcealer exclusively from Your Beauty Marks & Spencer.



  1. I love the sound of everything but the price. I just don't like to spend lots on concealer! Great that overall it proved to be 'amazing'. I'd hate having it in a tube too. Too much product waste!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x

    1. Haha I agree! Let's face it Leanne, you don't a hardcore concealer with your skin :)


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