Origins Make A Difference (Serum, Treatment Lotion, Moisturiser and Treatment)

This range has always caught my eye - is it the colour? Or maybe it's the promise of hydration, which is something I always want in my skincare routine. But I've had the chance to try these four products from the Make A Difference range, and was intrigued by my findings!

Make A Difference Rejuvenating Serum - £35 for 30ml/£47 for 50ml
I bought this in a blog sale so I didn't even use the whole bottle - yet I fell in love. It's an amazing light serum that sinks in beautifully and leaves your skin hydrated, moisturised and soft. I found that it was so hydrating that my skin didn't produce any excess oils throughout the day. Near the end of the bottle, I was impressed that you can also twist off the lid to get the last bits. At the risk of sounding very nerdy, I'd rank it as my third favourite serum - it didn't prevent hormonal spots as well as the Dr. Jart Water Up Serum or the IndeedLabs Hydraluron, and it's also quite a bit more expensive. However, it's a great product overall and you can't question the hydrating properties and its product design!

Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion - £20
This is another favourite from the range, as you guys know my love for amazing toners. The treatment lotions from Origins are more like the toners you find in East Asian cosmetics, as you apply them more than 'wipe' with them. This Make A Difference one really softens your skin and adds another level of hydration to your skin. It also removes anything left over from your cleanser, and prepares your skin to make the most of what follows! Since using this I find that serums sink in much faster, and my skin feels much more hydrated.

Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser - £34.50
The Moisturiser was an okay product for me. It's quite a wet textured gel/cream that moisturises more than hydrates. While it does hydrate well, the dewy finish that it left my skin with wasn't great for my combination skin, that only has a few patches of dry skin. I'd recommend this more for people with dry and dehydrated skin - which is who the Origins website recommends it for anyway! I bought this in a blog sale so I had bought this thinking, why not! But it's good to know that the recommendations on the Origins website is accurate!

Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment - £34.50
*Repeat the last sentence from the Moisturiser here*. The website recommends this for dehydrated yet oily skin, so for me, it was a little bit dry on the surface. The texture is interesting - it's almost like a silicone-based primer? I imagine for oilier skins, this regulates the oil quite well but I couldn't personally see the hydrating properties which was slightly worrying! I thought maybe oilier skins don't need as much hydrating, but I would've thought hydrating would've controlled the oils as it does on me.. I'm not sure?! Either way, I don't have the right skin type to be a great judge for this one!

Overall, I think this range is great - the products seem to really nail down the hydrating aspect, and I love how they have different moisturisers tailored to different skintypes. Judging from the website description though, the best moisturiser for me would be.. the night cream? They also have a moisturiser for very dry skin but not for normal/combination skin.. shame! The only other product I haven't tried is the Cleansing Milk.. as a gel face wash person myself, I'm not so sure this is something I'm keen to try, but it's there if that sounds up your street :)



  1. I'm surprised that this didn't irritate your skin - the entire line is loaded with essential oils that can break out skin and do more harm than good


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