First Impressions: The YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Yesterday's Boot's trip was quite a successful one, culminating in me getting my hands on the free 7 day sample of the brand new YSL Fusion Ink Foundation that are currently being given out at counters nationwide. While the official release date is not until next week (although I believe Debenham's have won the exclusive release until then), I gave my sample a go today and have been so mesmerised that I had to log my first impressions..

First thing I noticed was how thin the formula was. If anything, it was more along the lines of the oil-based foundations from Giorgio Armani and L'Oreal. I was apprehensive, never having been attracted to the notion of such a formula.

I tried two ways of applying - buffing it in with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, and painting/blending with the Sigma F84. To be honest, the former was probably more suitable given the formula's light consistency - there was no need for the stiffness of the latter. I also found that I used more of this foundation than I usually do of other foundations, perhaps because it's so light.

My first impression is that this has a light to medium coverage which is buildable to a medium coverage. It covers light, non-spot/all-over redness in the first layer and evens out my skintone generally. On more problem areas, I tried the stippling method which worked really well to dilute other all-over redness and some acne scarring. Ultimately, I decided to go for the concealer to maintain the light finish of the foundation.

Which, coincidentally, is my favourite part about this foundation. You've got a natural matte finish that you'd really expect more from foundations with heavier consistencies, but with a "lit from within" glow as if you'd highlighted Kim K style. It catches the light softly over larger spaces, which means it doesn't have that wet touch look. It simply glows where it should - the inner cheeks, forehead, chin etc., I was surprised because the current moisturiser I'm using is quite dewy, but this seemed to mattify that too.

Upon close inspection, I find that it does well to glide over minor dryness, but that it does tend to cling to flakes that have already come off the skin (luuuurvely).

When I move my face around, I literally feel nothing - it feels truly weightless.

And the shade.. the shade! It's perfect! I've got BD55 which is from the yellow-toned line (Beige Dore). It fits perfectly with my current NC35-ish shade. I'd go so far as to say it's probably the best matched foundation I've tried in a very very long time.

To me, this feels like the equivalent of the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation for oilier skintypes. The one summer when I had crazy dry skin, that foundation gave me a similar finish to this but I haven't been able to go back since because I've just consistently been combination skinned since then. With this one, I actively didn't want to powder it because I felt like that might give my skin too dry of a touch.

Overall, I'm feeling like we're onto a winner here, and looking forward to the next 6 days! (That being said my YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation lasted me a month or so..) Did I mention in Boots, it comes with a voucher for £10 worth of points if you buy the foundation between the 20th of August and the 16th of September? WIN.
For now, you can get a bottle at Debenhams!


  1. This is such a helpful post. I was anticipating this foundation releasing by YSL and I really love the sounds of it. I am a total foundation junkie and loves finding new foundations which may one day make it as my holy grail. I am currently loving my GA luminous silk but think that I need one thats a little bit more matte.

    Will be purchasing this from boots obviously :) Sounds like a good deal with the voucher.
    Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a great day!


    X x X x X

  2. I really wish I had a YSL counter near me!
    Until I can get a sample, I'll be reading plenty of reviews to get a better opinion of it before parting with my cash!

  3. I really want to try this too - great to hear how much you like it and that it's good for combo skin :)

    Gem x | flutter and sparkle


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