The Chelsea Day Spa Boutique

It's not often I go to the lovely area of London that is Kensington, but the other day I popped over to the Chelsea Day Spa Boutique on Hollywood Road to get the Darphin Kiwi & Pomegranate Hydrator Facial. Yes, it is as luxurious as it sounds.

(Images from the Chelsea Day Spa - this one isn't Hollywood Road)

The Chelsea Day Spa Boutique isn't a day spa in the sense that it's a massive place where you stay a whole day - it's more of a walk-in, multi-service spa and quite casual in comparison. From what I saw, in addition to two treatment rooms, there was a room to get your nails done, a retro pedicure bench and a blow-dry bar as well. Overall, the atmosphere was very pretty, clean and nice but not over the top luxurious. As I went to the Boutique branch, it wasn't as spacious as what you see above, which is why I'd say it's perfect for popping in to get a treatment or two - kind of like a hair salon but you obviously don't get your hair cut ;) It had a simple yet pretty decor, and a down to earth atmosphere.

My treatment room looked something like this, although a little less spacious. Obviously just going in for a facial, this was more than enough - I thought I'd be sitting down, so a little lay-down in a nice duvet was more than welcomed! The facialist was absolutely amazing - she asked me to take my top off, pop myself under the duvet and explained to me what the process would be. Being the nosy little blogger I am, I kept asking her what she was doing:

She instantly assessed my face as combination skinned with congestion on my nose and chin. Then, she cleansed my face with a milk - I don't know if it was because this was the first step but oh my goodness, it felt so good! I felt like my face was starting to get flooby (technical term) and all the tenseness which I didn't even know I had, started melting away. My favourite step was the second step, where she exfoliated my face with the Darphin Age Defying Dermabrasion scrub - not only did it smell amazing, it felt so so good. It was the perfect mix of rough but not painful and my skin loved it! If it wasn't so close to Christmas, I'd totally shell out the £52 for a tub of my own. My facialist's frustration at the fact it's not common knowledge that you have to exfoliate for serums and moisturisers to work really stayed with me!

Afterwards, she applied two different masks on me - one for pore cleansing down my t-zone, and one for hydration on my cheeks. This is JUST what I need, and something I really need to adopt in my daily routine (also because the one-mask thing has stopped sufficiently surprising my boyfriend when I turn around after applying it and going BOO!). Unlike other facials I've gotten, she offered to either give me a hand or head massage while we waited for the mask to set. The head massage was really okay, but I don't think I'm a head massage person.. if there is such a thing. Like I'm definitely not a tummy massage person, that freaks me out (in case you were wondering..)

Then there was the toning, serum and moisturiser, which again were all gorgeously massaged on my face. She kept pressing firmer on my chin which is my biggest problem area, and since then I've started attempting to mimic her myself in hopes of decongesting the area.

Most of the time, the room was silent, there was nice music and the room was dimmed. However, you can hear the toilet flushing, which was slightly distracting but otherwise, all very relaxing!

Afterwards, my skin felt like a baby's bum. It felt so light, hydrated and really just smooth. My skin had been in a right state until then, as I'd been unable to settle into a routine, and this really threw me back in it. I felt like I had a clean slate, and that it was up to me to maintain it! Granted it didn't look too different but a bit brighter, most of it was just how it felt -so smooth, fresh, polished and ready to take in anything you threw at it! Obviously for long-lasting effects, I'd have to keep going back, but for one session, I felt amazing. The description for the treatment says you should be left with a "delectably dewy fresh, radiant complexion". Oh, absolutely. This would be perfect for the drying winter - either as a temporary pick-me-up, or as a longer journey to restore hydration to your skin :)

Overall, I am very impressed. I learned a lot, got to experience really nice products, and the customer service was brilliant. £85 for a 60 minute treatment may sound like a lot but I feel like my face was in good hands, I had no issues later about irritations or anything, and I really did feel brand new afterwards. I highly recommend the Chelsea Day Spas if you're looking for an indulgent treat for your face! :)

The Chelsea Day Spa have also launched a 100% pure soya wax luxury aroma candles with lead-free wicks. They come in Violet Lemonade, Berry Vanilla, Winter Wonderland, Hot Chocochouli and Grapefruit Sorbet. I had a sniff of Winter Wonderland which I loved, but now I'm wishing I got a whiff of the Berry Vanilla.. yummm.

You can find out more information about the Chelsea Day Spas on their website.


*Images were provided to me by the Chelsea Day Spa.


  1. W-O-W this looks amazing and such a relaxing experience!

    Maria xxx


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