AVON Luxe Collection 2013 & Swatches

AVON may not seem like a "luxe" brand, but this winter they've pulled it out of the bag to bring you their Luxe collection. It consists of a highlighter power, lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss, eyeshadow palette, perfume and foundation.

I absolutely adore the packaging on this line and am very pleased to say that it's not particularly cheap looking or cheap feeling, especially the lip products. The gold isn't too yellow, and they all feel like good quality. It really does give the image of a luxurious line and I quite like that!

Glitz Shimmer Powder in Rose Aura, Couture Creme Lip Gloss in Dazzling Nude, Couture Creme Lip Stick in Stiletto Red

Glitz Shimmer Powder in Rose Aura

The Glitz Shimmer Powder is slowly becoming my go-to highlighter, and that's because the underlying shade is very skintone-like and so the highlight is very very subtle. It creates more of a pearlescent glow, rather than a stark application of colour. Because it has no shimmers, it's very soft-focus and appropriate for everyday. It doesn't have an amazing staying power, but it lasts a good few hours and I think that's not too surprising at £12 a pop. I think the pattern of the product is so pretty, and adds to the loveliness of the product!

 Glitz Shimmer Powder in Rose Aura, Couture Creme Lip Gloss in Dazzling Nude, Couture Creme Lip Stick in Stiletto Red

Couture Creme Lip Stick in Stiletto Red

Probably my favourite in the line is this Couture Creme Lipstick in Stiletto Red. I found the formula really quite unique - it's a medium-pigmented lipstick that can be layered for a full colour (as bove), and it has very small red shimmers which aren't very visible on the lips. It's SUPER slick, and very moisturising so if you've found bright lipsticks to be quite drying this is one to try. It's also very sheeny, so very glossy looking and lovely. Stiletto Red in the tube looks like a toned down, slightly brown-leaning red, but when swatched, it pulls a cooler red but still slightly toned down. If you've found most red lipsticks to be too bright, this may be one to try. For £9.50, this is a great buy!

 Couture Creme Lip Gloss in Dazzling Nude

The Couture Creme Lipgloss isn't one I highly recommend, in the sense that I find it slightly sticky. That being said, it doesn't look gloopy and I quite like the slight shimmers in it. This one has small bright pink shimmers in the peachy beige base, so it works to really even out and warm up your natural lip colour. Perhaps not one for people who aren't usually massive gloss people :) This retails for £8.

 Couture Creme Lip Stick in Stiletto Red, Couture Creme Lip Gloss in Dazzling Nude, Glitz Shimmer Powder in Rose Aura

This collection is available from an Avon representative or online here.
With the currently online sale, the Glitz Shimmer Powder is £10, Couture Creme Lipgloss is £5.50 and Couture Creme Lipstick is £6.50 :)



  1. Oooo pretty! Gotta love a bit of gold packaging, and that red shade looks awesome on you. xx

  2. Such a pretty range, I need to get my hands on some Avon make-up, stat!

    Maria xxx


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