Lily Lolo Metallics Collection Smoky Rose Eyeshadow Quad

This season, Lily Lolo have released their Metallics Collection, which consists of two eyeshadow quads and two highlighters. Although on the surface they're not your typical A/W collection, I've found that the Smoky Rose Eyeshadow quad actually fits the bill quite well. It's also my first time trying Lily Lolo products so I was quite excited and subsequently, incredibly impressed.

As you may know, Lily Lolo is a mineral make-up line which is cruelty free and avoids parabens, synthetic fillers, fragrances and dyes :) High five!

Although I'm tempted to say packaging isn't Lily Lolo's strengths, when it comes down to it, the white quad is actually quite simple and nice. It is a bit plasticky but the white is unique and I quite like that.

The mirror is a good size, and the applicators are actually not too bad. They're a very fine, rubber texture so they're much better than the dry foamy ones you get sometimes!

These eyeshadows were quite distinctive from other eyeshadows I own, but the first thing I noticed was the smell - it smells like play-doh.. take that for what you will! My first impressions were - "oh dear, is this going to be like children's make-up?" In response to my past self, "No, you moron."

I noticed the powder to be incredibly creamy and extremely finely milled - to the point that when applied, they look almost like cream eyeshadow! There's lots of moisture in there which gives it that creamy feel, and they blend seamlessly together to give an amazingly soft, perfected look. I was SO surprised at how well these blended into each other when I used the same techniques I use with any other eyeshadow, and it reminded me of how something similar happens with the highly coveted NARS eyeshadows.

The pigmentation, initially, when I was swatching the photos below didn't seem too impressive. The white was a bit bitty, and I was struggling to get the charcoal to be very dark. However, they didn't pose a problem at all when I was actually applying them on the eyelids!

Funny story that, because I have the same problem with Chanel quads, in that when I try to swatch them to show you photos, they just seem to stick to my fingers and never let go - BUT because of that, like the Chanel quads, the Lily Lolo eyeshadow lasts yonks on your eyelids. I didn't wear primer with these and they stayed not only un-creased, but completely fresh-looking for the whole day. I was very impressed, and would compare this lasting power only to the likes of Chanel and NARS.

As before, I used exactly the same amount as I would with other eyeshadows, if not less, and they applied beautifully. The taupe and pink is very well pigmented, while the white and charcoal I think is intentionally left slightly sheerer to use as highlighting and deepening shades without being OTT. The white looks great as a highlighter without coming across stark white, and the charcoal really added a nice level of drama when I added a bit to the outer corner, without creating a harsh dark link.

The "Look"..
This was my favourite look that I created with the quad. I used one brush - the MAC 224 for this whole look. First, I applied a wash of the taupe all over my lid, and then blended the edges out with the pink. This added a nice balance of warmth to the otherwise very cool colour (I compared - it makes MAC's Satin Taupe and Urban Decay's Sidecar look BROWN). This warmth adds a really autumnal feel to the look, and I always thought this kind of colour complemented brown eyes. Then I deepened the crease with the charcoal, and used my finger to 'stamp' a bit of white in the inner corners.

The Shades
At first I thought the shades were slightly odd - I felt there were some extremely contrasting shades in there, which sits uncomfortably with my dull taste in eyeshadows. But overall, I really like the look above - it adds an autumnal twist to a typical taupe look, and I never would've thought to pair a pink with a taupe. After trying a few looks however, while I see the merits in the choice of shades, I find the scope for variation quite limited if you're looking for an everyday quad. As in, I still wouldn't apply the pink as an all over lid colour. That being said, it could be handy as a blusher! On the other hand, for more intense looks, this would be a good choice!

As such, this palette in particular wouldn't be my first choice, especially as there is a more 'conventional' quad in the collection called the Molten Bronze Eye Shadow Quad which looks absolutely stunning and more for the faint-hearted such as yours truly. Assuming the formulas are exactly the same, I'll be checking out their Eye Shadow Duos too, which offer a few more choices in shades than the quads for a mere £8.49 - less than half the price of the quads.

I'm super impressed. Superficially, it's not the most attractive palette but what's inside (and what actually matters) is absolutely amazing. I was blown away by the quality of the eyeshadows, and the fact that they're made without the nasties makes things even better. Initially, I thought the price was kinda high at £18.99 considering the packaging and that the duos are £8.49, but when you experience the quad you see where the money goes - PHWOAR. And really, that's where you want it to go at the end of the day! I highly recommend this quad and provided the formula is the same across the brand, Lily Lolo's eyeshadows - they're phenomenal quality for the price, and easily compares to the high end equivalents you'd pay double for!



  1. I really enjoy Lily Lolo, especially their mineral foundation which is absolutely lovely, I have yet to try their eyeshadows but they seem wonderful judging by your review! x

    Živa | Nothin' Fancy. Really.

    1. Ahh yes I see them about but I've never tried them! Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. I have never tried this line before and the color definitely looks gorgeous! However, I do agree that the color combo seems kinda weird directly off the pan though..great post nevertheless...

    Vanity is an Addiction

    1. Haha yes, it's not your typical colour choices :) Thank you!

  3. I am fond with the look you created. Very lovely on your skin tone.

  4. This looks stunning on you, and I seriously can't get enough of Lily Lolo!

  5. The look you created is absolutely gorgeous! Looking at the shades on the pan I didn't think it was possible, but it was xx

    Leanne | |


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