I'm Microblogging with Dayre

You guys know I love my lengthy reviews and expressing random thoughts in a mere 140 characters, but from next week I'll be turning my hands alongside 29 other bloggers (or "Alpha-Seeders") to what can only be described as an "in between" - Dayre.

Dayre's a microblogging app designed specifically for mobile devices like tablets and phones, and is available for free on Android and iTunes. You can create updates throughout the day and it'll merge it all into one big post at the end of the day. These updates come in the form of photos, narratives and videos, as well as check-ins and stickers! Can I just say - the pig stickers are AWESOME.

As a beauty blogger, I do sometimes hesitate posting anything except make-up and skincare on my blog, so I'm really excited to have a "blog" that's about me - but isn't so full-blown as a proper blog (and more organised and narrative-y than Twitter!). Also, I like how it's an "on-the-go" app, which means it's much more real-time and impromptu! Expect lots of food pictures, cafe check-ins, thoughts on the news and well.. pig stickers.

So I invite you to create your own Dayre (here), and check out and FOLLOW MY PROFILE for the next 6 weeks while I test out the app! The Alpha-Seeder with the highest number of followers after 2-3 months will win an iPhone 5s so, not me - as I just got a new phone, but my boyfriend will very much appreciate your support ;P

Will you be Dayre-ing? If so, be sure to leave me your handle! :)



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