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Usually I am one to frown at spot-fighting, oil-controlling products because most of them, in my experience, attempt to strip your skin of literally everything and burn their way down your pores to kill the spot. As such, despite being spotty and combination-skinned, for the past two years, I have only ever used products for dehydrated/dry skin because the hydration it provides ensures that not only do I stay non-oily, but that the spots don't arrive. It works with the right products, but it's hard to find the one with the right balance and enough hydration.


dermalogica has launched a brand new skincare line for people who have concerns about breakouts and oiliness, as well as for blackheads. These three symptoms often come hand in hand, but as a gal who's skin loves to create under-the-skin spots, the former two were key for me. This is their Clear Start range.

This is the whole range here - a face wash, toner, a night treatment/moisturiser, scrub, mask, two day moisturisers and a spot treatment. I have been all over the Foaming Wash and All Over Toner - and get this - the Emergency Spot Fix. I NEVER use spot treatments, but this one - this one is good.

The unique thing about these products is what I was kind of getting at earlier - they understand that oiliness often comes from the lack of hydration but also that spots are a type of infection. As such, the products have a mix of hydrating properties to control your skin, but have ingredients that prevent and treat spots. This last element, of course, is what products for dehydration/dry skin cannot provide, so you need that mixture of elements to treat your skin wholistically.

A key example is the Matte Moisturiser, which says it provides a matte finish ONLY because the product contains little oil but lots and LOTS of hydration. Which means it's not making your skin matte because  it's powdering your face, and it's not moisturising your skin with oil (which will make you greasier) - it's giving your skin that hydration that lets your oil glands know that they don't need to produce more oil. Your skin cannot produce water - only oil - so this is key!

Another example is the Pore Control Scrub and the Cooling Masque. The former has a clay base which help to clear away some oil while you exfoliate your skin so that the brand new cells are ready for hydration. The latter, on the other hand, has a gel base, which means not only is it easy to remove, but it doesn't draw out the life and soul of your skin while it does its magic!

The range also provides a way for you to "cut and paste" so to speak. As you can see below, each product is divided into what it combats - blackheads, breakouts or oiliness, and you will see on each product which category they fall into. So you can use all products that combat one thing, or a mixture of what you think your skin needs. This becomes the case especially when you're looking for a daytime moisturiser, when you can choose the Daytime Treatment for breakouts, or the Matte Moisturiser for oiliness.

Lastly, what I REALLY appreciate is that the pricing on these range is much like the Elemis Freshskin range - the audience is young, so the price points are affordable. Here's the price list:

Breakout Clearing Foam Wash - £13
Breakout Clearing All Over Toner - £13
Blackhead Clearing Pore Control Scrub - £13
Breakout Clearing Daytime Treatment - £16
Oil Clearing Matte Moisturiser SPF 15 - £16
Breakout Clearing Emergency Spot Fix - £13
Breakout Clearing Cooling Masque - £16
Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment - £13
Breakout Clearing Kit - £23.50

..soooo in conclusion, I am SO EXCITED that a brand has started to consider spots more deeply, instead of many others who throw tea tree, salicylic acid and witch hazel in the formula and hope for the best.

You can see the full range on dermalogica's website :)



  1. I really love their new packaging~ Makes it much more fun and exciting to use. I really want to try the matte moisturiser because i have trouble finding a balance between giving my skin moisture and oil prevention. Dermalogica is definitely a brand that i would like to try products from :)

    Thank you for the heads up about this range ^^ I hope you have a lovely day <3

    *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  2. This collection has actually been around for a while, I think since selfridges now stock it it's getting more attention. I used to have monthly facials with Dermalogica products and the Clear Start stuff definitely did make a difference to the number of breakouts my skin had. I do really think this collection benefits oily skin!

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