Tips! Wrong Shade Base Products

If you've ever spoken to me personally, you'll know my skintone changes quicker than Taylor Swift's boyfriends. So a lot of my foundation and powder collection is unusable at a certain point in time. With this consistent struggle, I have finally figured out a way to make the most of these products that may be sat there expiring/unloved!

Contouring & highlighting

a) I absolutely love using powder products to highlight and contour. Darker products can really work as a really nice natural contouring powder, and highlighters are great down the nose and on the forehead. With liquid products, if you're a bit more ambitious than myself, you can use it a la Kim Kardashian, and use the lighter shade down your nose, on your forehead, tops of your cheeks and chin, with the darker shade under your cheekbones and on your temples.

b) Powders are especially great if you have an oily t-zone and a mattifying powder like the Chanel Mat Lumiere above.

c) Because powder products like this are usually matte, they're actually better than some of the purpose-made highlighters and bronzers you can buy. I think matte-er highlighters look more realistic, and we've all heard about the struggle to find matte contour powders!


Don't throw them away just yet! A great way to make use of really light or dark liquid foundations is to use them to make another foundation slightly lighter or slightly darker.

Sculpting your Eyes

For darker powders, you can even use them as eyeshadow contours OR for lighter powders, you can use them as brow highlights.

The Last Resort

Fake tan is a beautiful thing, girls, both for the body and the face. It could save you some dosh if you're on the hunt for another foundation for just a slight skintone change!

How do you deal with skintone change?



  1. I'm having this issue right now where most of the base products I own are at least a shade and a half too dark for me. I've been attempting to mix them with steamcream or a light bb cream to get a lighter shade. It's all a bit messy but I love some of the ideas you've mentioned especially regarding eyes. I'll have to experiment. :)

  2. I had the same issue, i started using my darker powders and creams to contour with. I also mix my foundations to get the right color sometimes when my skin is in the middle of being dark or light

  3. lovely post thanks for sharing

  4. Contouring is SUCH a good idea!

    Maria xxx

  5. I save my old ones for when I've tanned :) It means then I don't have to hunt for another!


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