"Girls' Night In" is the New "Girls' Night Out"

I've always been more of a girl's night in kind of girl myself, but I also thought it was because I can be a bit of an old fart. However, recent surveys confirm that actually, 69% of women prefer a girl's night in over a girl's night out - whaddya know!

Unfortunately, only 35% of girls say they fancy a pamper on these nights in, and I can only assume that not many beauty bloggers were interviewed in the survey.. nonetheless, I began imagining what I would bring to a girl's night in, and here are the winning products..

OPI Nail Envy - £18.55
Perhaps the biggest reason why I would bring this coveted nail product is because the effects are just phenomenal. They really do strengthen your nails well and work great under a manicure. More people need to know! (And I need a new bottle..)

Boots Salon Cuticle Remover - £4.20
One of the most popular questions I get asked by my friends is, "What do I do with my cuticles and what is wrong with them?!" So I'd probably introduce them to this semi-scrub/lotion which softens them and exfoliates gently so it's easy to push back with an orange stick.

TanOrganic Fake Tan - €19.99
Who's ever struggled to fake tan your back because of a lack of a companion? Exactly, everyone. Take advantage of your friends' (but do return the favour!) presence and indulge in a bit of a sunny glow. I love this TanOrganic fake tan because it's 100% natural and gives as great results as some of the leading products on the market that may not be so eco or human friendly! Again.. more people need to know!

St Tropez Gradual Tan Firming Plus - £20
There's bound to be one girl in your night in that is very very pale, or is scared of fake tan. Which is why you should go armed with a gradual tanner, and recently I've been loving this one from St Tropez. I think it's especially suitable for the pale or tan-timid, because it really is gradual - much lighter than the Garnier one I'm used to! Either way, it gives a nice tan glow and doesn't turn you orange!

Elemis Freshskin Mask Duo - £15
What's a pamper without a mask? I highly recommend this duo from Elemis because 1) it has 6 sachets - and an average pamper party is between 4-5 girls and 2) it caters for all skintypes with 3 for deep clean and 3 for a hydration injection! As a combination-skinned gal, I benefit from both and can really say that they're both superb.. although the Magical Moisture may win by a teensy bit - how supple and hydrated your skin feels after this is amazing!

What would you bring to show off at a girls' night in?
Do you prefer a night in or one out on the lash?

*Partnered post with Ladbrokes Bingo.


  1. yeh i'm more of a girls night in person myself I have to say! I'm all about the facemasks for the girls night in ;)

  2. Girls night in all the way. I really fancy some nail envy!

  3. Great post! Love St Tropez fake tans, perfect for nights out :) ♥


  4. Oh I love a good pampering evening, nail varnishes a plenty!

    Maria xxx

  5. I really need to try out the OPI nail envy, i have brittle nails =(.

    CMPang x


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