Salon Confidential's Volumising Hair Extensions

I'm a total newbie when it comes to hair extensions, and most of the time I don't feel the need to have any as I have quite a lot of hair and it's also quite long! However, I had to give them a go when I heard a brand called Salon Confidential had pre-styled hair extensions, and hear this - one just for volume! This is Salon Confidential's Volume Wave hair extensions created by celebrity hair stylist Stephanie Stevenson.

With Salon Confidential, without Salon Confidential.

Within Salon Confidential, without Salon Confidential.

As you can see, the effects are amazing! And the best thing is, the 'before' pictures are not even styled.. and I can vouch for the fact that when you actually curl your hair beforehand, the effects are even bigger!

The whole point of these is that they are pre-styled, so I can just clip them on a bad hair day and just make things bigger and better, and more nicely styled with a lot less effort :) The waves are quite big with these ones and only at the ends, but there are other ones including Silky Straight and Bouncy Curl which are straight and tight curls respectively. You can take a look at them on models on the website.

Although I have quite coarse hair, I was surprised at how well these blended in with my hair, and the clips were really secure and it never felt heavy. I have the shade Dark Brown, which is slightly lighter but it does give a bit of dimension which is nice. All of these are synthetic, so not open to styling but I think that's the beauty of them!


One of the reasons why I haven't tried extensions is because of their price, but these are really affordable. The full set is £45 (and to be honest, I probably only use half a set at a time, there's so many in there!), and they also have an On The Go set for the Volume Wave range for £28. If you want to check out shades in store, they're also stocked in selected Dorothy Perkins shops.

I can highly recommend these and they have been a great first introduction to hair extensions. They're comfortable, easy to use and have great effects, especially for a lazy sod like myself!



  1. I was going to say Id be tempted by these for my wedding day, but Id want to add some more curls to it which wont be possible as they are synthetic.

    They do look amazing though. Like you say, great for days when you dont want to faff with styling. Clip them in and go!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. Ahh yeah probably not the best if you want more curls! That's so exciting, when's the big day again? :)

  2. These sound amazing and they look great on you!

    Maria xxx

  3. that looks great! I also use extensions and love them:)
    kisses from milano


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