Sleek is the Word.

I'm not one to follow catwalk trends, but I must say I've been very curious about the 'sleek' look from time to time. Do I like it? Do I hate it? Is 'sleek' in fact euphemism for 'flat'? With these questions in mind, I did a bit of mind-searching..

.. and I concluded in the end, that for the everyday person, sleek isn't about ridiculously tightly pulled back ponytails and stick-straight locks. It's more about that polished, perhaps slightly conservative look that's rid of fly-aways and frizz. Shiny, collected and controlled, and lightweight - but never dry! In search of this slightly oxymoronic concept, I discovered three fantabulous products..

When something makes me stray from my non-SLS ethos on shampoos and conditioner, it has to be really good - and these are very, very good. I've been using the Frizz Ease duo for smooth and sleek hair, and unlike many haircare products which I feel never actually do what they say on the tin, these really do settle down your frizz and make your hair look shinier. I've really enjoyed this because I'm wearing my hair down more, and I don't really have to straighten it or put hair product in it to keep it together. And when the wind blows I'm looking less like Bridget Jones in a top-down car..

I'm a massive fan of leave-in conditioner, but I really like this one because in addition to the rich texture, it also doesn't weigh it down or leave any residue, and it just makes everything really smooth. It's great with John Frieda's duo because it adds that nourishment to the otherwise slightly lightweight finish. It's also fantastic because it's vegetarian, the protein in it is plant-based, and it has no phthalates, artificial fragrances, dyes, sulfates, parabens or PEGs. 

Skin Nutrition is a great website for all things natural beauty, and their sister site Nutrition Centre has relaunched for their 40th anniversary and has natural health supplements for those interested :)

This, to me, is a wonder product. It's a solidified balm that turns into an oil when you warm it up with your fingers, and you leave it in your hair for 20 minutes before you take a shower and wash it out. It makes a huge difference - I feel like it smoothed every single hair individually, and the hairs just seemed to just slide off each other once I dried it! Definitely a must-have for people who want a smooth, TV advert hair and my favourite of the bunch.

Are you embracing the sleek?
What's your chosen hair style for the summer?



  1. The Charles Worthington balm sounds so nice! Definitely want to try that xx

  2. I wish I could attain sleek hair, mine is far too curly unfortunately :(

    Maria xxx


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