The All Singin' All Dancin' Shimmer

Shimmer can be a bit of a hit or miss deal - are we talking big chunky glitter a la 90's, or are we thinking subtle, glowy gorgeousness?

It can also be difficult to find the right amount of shimmer. I've had experiences with the stark NARS Albatross, to the subtle Dior Amber Diamond, and the MAC MSF in Candlelight wedged inbetween. Recently I've come across the most gorgeous shimmer that falls under the 'subtle' category, but not only is it a perfect shimmer, it's also a multi-tasking product that can be used for a number of different things..

Bellapierre is a mineral-based brand so naturally, most of their products are loose powders. However, they've crafted this packaging that doesn't dispense much product at all. What you see above is about 2 or 3 shakes. For a highlighter, this is the perfect amount of control you want. The packaging gets a thumbs up from me - although I always do wonder what mineral-based companies have against click tops?!

Anyway, on to the product itself. It's a multi-purpose shimmer that's marketed as a product that can be used on eyes, mixed in with your foundation (a great alternative to MAC's Lustre Drops for those of us who like powder foundations better), mixed in with your nail polish or as a highlighter, which is my favourite way of using it. Depending on which colour you get, the uses will vary but there's loads of options like eyeliner, tinting your mascara and lip colour. The possibilities are endless! See a full list of suggestions here.

On to the formula. This is where this product really shines because without the basics, there's no use for a multi-purpose product!

The pigmentation is fantastic. As you can see, despite being a beige shimmer, it shows up really nicely even on my skintone. For NC25's and upwards, this shade is particularly amazing as a highlighter because it's so subtle and will catch just enough light to give you a healthy glow and dimension to your complexion. For me, this is a go-to for more professional events or for tinted moisturiser-wearers when you especially want to look like there's nothing on your skin.

As you can probably tell as well, there's no harsh lines or pigment clotting up in one area - the application is ridiculously smooth. This means that it doesn't cake up and look like a powder mask on your cheeks. This is great for us girls with drier cheeks, where products can sometimes look obvious. This seems to glide over smoothly as part of your skin and stay put for the day. Again, perfect for the minimal make-up look!

I know - I was scared of loose powders too, but the packaging is so well made that you really wont be getting any excess. In fact, you probably need to shake it more than most other mineral sifters! I also highly recommend the shade Beige because I think it opens the doors to all the ways you can use the product.. although a navy would be gorgeous too! I'd love to mix that in with mascara or use it as eyeliner and eyeshadow.

I'm super impressed with this product and can highly, highly recommend it - its ease of use and the sheer quality of it is insane. It also comes at a great price of £12.99, and comes in a whopping 56 shades which you can check out on their website.

Which colour do you think you'd get the most use out of?



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